Knights of Emerald Fire

templarsealWho are the Knights Templar? Originally, they were the protectors of the Essene knowledge. The Essenes were the community that Jesus was born into. They had the encoding of the Christ consciousness. The sixth root race. It is through the Essenes that the Christ consciousness entered into humanity. The true order of the Knights Templar were the guardians of this wisdom and tried to bring this encoding into humanity by stabilizing the grid and building huge resonating chambers at the vortexes of this grid. These chambers are known as the large cathedrals and Notre Dames of Europe. The Knights Templar were both priests and warriors. They developed a system so that they could finance this project. They became the bankers of the world because they had the ability to transport large amounts of money. Their fourth Grand Master, Blanchard, set up a system very similar to our pony express. In this fashion, they became the couriers and thus, the bankers of Europe through the 12 and 13th centuries. They were destroyed in 1307 by Phillp the Fair, King of France, and Pope Clement the VI. These two men wished to steal the Knight’s treasure.

The order of the Knights Templar was founded in 1118 when the Ark of the Covenant and much of the Essene wisdom was uncovered in Jerusalem. The order then became the protectors of this wisdom and wished to use this knowledge to be broadcasted through the grid and resonated into the main cathedrals of Europe, so that the common man could become sovereign. They devised a process to finance the building of these huge cathedrals, thus, the development of the Masonic order. These Masons, who were really common workmen, were taught to form unions. They learned to become sovereign by having a purpose in life rather than just experiencing the drudges of life. One might say that this was the first formation of unions. It was important to teach the common man how to govern himself, and the development of unions and the laws of Freemasonry established this.

    Only the elite of the Knights Templar totally understood the true purpose of the Templars. The order that was above them, the Priory of Zion, were developed to protect the lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene had three children with Jesus and fled to France after the crucifixion. Here, the three children married into the royalty of Europe. A good book to read about this lineage is “The Hiram Key,” by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. When the Crusaders captured Jerusalem, nine men were chosen to seek out the secret archives of the Essenes which were buried when the Essenes had to flee Jerusalem around 67 AD. These nine men dug for many years, and in 1118, discovered the secret hiding place of the archives. With this wisdom of how to develope Christed beings, the Priory wished to control humanity. However, the Templars became more powerful and developed a truer mission because of the understanding of Mother Earth’s grid and the power of the cathedrals. In other words, the Templars were transformed. In 1307 they were destroyed because they were actually taking humanity back to the light. Today, this war still continues. We can see evidence of this by the Priory, AKA the Illuminati, trying to take control of the grid and vaccinating us with chips so that our sovereignty can be stolen.

    In 1996, I went to France and met with 15 etheric Knights. The sixteenth Knight in my group is Jacques de Molay, last grand Master of the Knights Templar. He is also a Christed being that was as much developed as Jesus. A good book to read is “The Second Messiah,” by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. These etheric Knights are dedicated to keeping the sovereignty of the grid. It is important to learn to work with them. See the meditation. At the present time I am attempting to write a fictional book on my journeys to France and my experiences with the Knights. The next few articles are ideas that I wish to incorporate in this book.