Sisters of The Emerald Fire

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The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire is a group of women that use oils and can also spin their auric fields in such a way as to create an emerald glow that is transmitted from their hands. The oils enhance the electromagnetic field creating the Emerald glow within the hands. To do this, picture a diamond over the heart. Spin the top half in a counter-clockwise direction and the bottom half in a clockwise direction. It is important that you spin the blood in this fashion. Last November 8, we had the Harmonic Concordance. All the stargates were opened and the Seal of Solomon (merkabah) appeared in the sky during the eclipse. This exercise can be done at any time. Since the Earth is changing from one frequency to another, it is important that we do this exercise while the Stargates are open, so that we can put love, peace and harmony into the grid. Many new alignments are occurring in the heavens creating more opportunities to advance the planet into a higher frequency.

The secret of alchemical healing is the Holy Grail Vortex, which can be found in the articles listed below. This powerful vortex enables you to spin the blood in such a way as to create the emerald fire within the auric field allowing you to control dangerous weather situations, and heal people from a distance by creating the true cup of the Holy Grail.

Back in the time of Egypt, Aromatherapy was a way of balancing the auric field with the physical. The sense of smell is depicted on the Egyptian walls by a woman smelling a lotus. This was secret knowledge. Only those trained in the temples were taught how to use this wisdom. They were known as the sisters and brothers of the Emerald Fire because they had to keep the balance point of emerald green within their auric field. This knowledge of smell activating the higher consciousness is a way of developing the soul. Now is the time that every single human should be made aware of the power of Aromatherapy. We are entering a new era. Where the magnetic fields of the Earth will be changed because of the Photon Belt. Now is the time that every human take charge of their own auric field or soul development and balance it through Aromatherapy. This knowledge must be given to the masses. It must not be regulated by laws and government regulations such as the FDA and FTC. Everyone must make peace within and balance their soul through understanding the knowledge of entering the limbic system through Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is one of the easiest ways to bring about a balance of the physical body within the auric fields.

The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire is the name given those people that have been trained in past lives in the knowledge and wisdom of balancing the electromagnetic field. Since the MLM program created by Gary Young, we now have the pure oils to utilize the secret knowledge that the sisterhood was given. There are few places we can acquire these pure tools. One is by ordering the oils from Young Living Essential Oils. We do not have to be concerned with the imbalance of the components in these oils. I feel that we can use these oils without reservation. A bottle of Essential Oil should contain a certain amount of constituents. If it does not, then it will not work properly. The commitment that Gary Young has made to the Young Living family, is that 1. Young Living Essential Oils will contain the proper balance of constituents. 2. They will be pure with no artificial poisonous substances to block the system, and 3. Young Living Essential Oils will contain the proper frequency. Example: A healthy body has to maintain 60 megahertz. Each Young Living Essential oil, contains a certain frequency. Lavender has 118 Hz, Rose, 320 Hz.; and Myrrh has 105Hz. Gary Young has blended many of the oils to maintain a frequency that will balance the emotions. We have oil blends such as Hope, Forgiveness, Joy, Inner Child, Humility, Abundance, etc. It is important that we have the pure oils to do our work. If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils, please e-mail us. My member number in Young Living is 3194.

At the present time, The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire is a 501c-3 church. If you are interested in working with the sisterhood, we have 4 meetings a year at my home in Michigan. We are working to set up satellite churches in different parts of the world. Please contact Mary Hardy, for more information. The purpose of these Sisterhood gatherings is for us to bring the Sisterhood back together, so that we can maintain peaceful balance and correct use of the knowledge that was given to us so many years ago. At the present time, we are entering the Photon Belt. This period of time will give us the opportunity to graduate into a higher plane of consciousness. Many lifetimes, most of us have trained with this commitment. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to again have the tools of pure oils at our disposal. It is also important to revive the knowledge given to the Sisterhood so that we can use the wisdom of the Holy Grail.

If you are interested in the oils, please contact us. Always remember that the importance of the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire is to raise consciousness so that we can be one of those individuals that graduates into a higher frequency. There is a story of the 100th monkey, and when enough of us learn to activate the amygdala gland and bring forth the wisdom of the Emerald Fire, the planet will begin to blossom and the power of the Christed Being will again return so that humanity can graduate into a higher frequency. The main characters in the Bible: Jesus; Moses; the Magdalene; and many others, were practitioners in the oils. By using oils that have the proper frequency, humanity can be guided into developing a Christed consciousness.

Many of the sisters were trained in a past life by Mary Magdalene in France. Mary taught for 30 years after the crucifixion of Christ, in a cave near Ste. Baume. This cave is now a Catholic church and monastery. After her death, some of her bones and her skull were placed in a sacred crypt in the church in the village of Saint Maximin’s. Here, you may visit and actually view the holy skull bones of Mary Magdalene. This  experience will take many of you back to the training that was given, but sometimes just gazing at a picture of the skull will help you access this knowledge.

Mary Magdalene wore green sleeves because the healing energy that was emitted from her hands was a bright emerald green. That is why you see her depicted with green sleeves. Many of us trained in her presence also gained the wisdom to use this energy. This energy is created by bringing the balance point between infrared and ultraviolet.


The sisterhood of the Emerald Fire was trained to use the amygdala gland. Science tells us that the amygdala gland is named after its shape, which is like an almond. But the secret name for the amygdala is Magdalene, and the name is synonymous. The amygdala gland has two parts: the anterior lobe and the posterior lobe. Due to TDA Lingo and Neil Slade’s research (See website, or call 1-888-331-7589 for more information), we now know that the anterior lobe activates the frontal lobe of the brain. Here you can transcend consciousness, time, space, energy, and matter. This is the secret knowledge of Aromatherapy. Activating the posterior lobe, you can remove much of the trauma from your electromagnetic field. Articles that have been written for my downline in Young Living Essential Oils will be posted below as they become available.