Knight Meditation

Since 1996, I have been guided to travel to France, where I met several etheric Knights Templar. These etheric Knights are the guardians of the grid. Through meditation, you too can meet these individuals and learn to be guided by them. It is very important that each individual taps into the grid and learns to clear their own space. The Knights Templar have been given the job to be guardians of the grid. Now they need your help.

Why is this important? On December 31, 1999, an attempt to place a new capstone on the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt was made. Few people know the true meaning of this sinister act. For many years, the Illuminati, the dark destructive force that is behind our current governments worldwide, have been planning this historical celebration. The “celebration” was a cover-up for their insidious plan. The Knights have told me that the Illuminati have been travelling to all the sacred vortexes on the planet and placing electronic devices. These devices are all tied into the Great Pyramid. Their purpose is to change the electromagnetic frequency of every living thing on the planet. This will give them the ability to control humanity. At the celebration, they were planning to place a new capstone on the Great Pyramid to control the major vortexes on the planet. The new capstone that they wanted to place is a simple antennae system to control the consciousness of humanity. They held the celebration, but did not place the capstone. They may steill attempt to do this at any time. See the article “Pyramidiots” at this website.

How can we stop this? We need to return the power of the grid back to the Knights Templar. Historically, the Knights Templar built many cathedrals, all over Europe. These cathedrals were resonating chambers to help humanity resonate at the proper frequency. They did this by stabilizing the vortexes on the planet. If you wish to assist them, you must invite them into your meditative space. There are many Knights to work with. It is advisable that you have at least three people to create the vortex with the Knights. Doing it by yourself may bring a large amount of negativity into your electromagnetic field. The meditation has to create a chord of sound. You need at least three notes, or three people, to generate a proper note.

The simple meditation that I teach is to visualize and welcome two circles of Knights, one inside the other. 12 Knights comprise the outer circle, and three Knights make up the inner circle. Next, place yourself in the middle of the circle. Now, I have you meet the Knights. On the outer circle, there are Three Knight to the North, three Knights to the West, three Knights to the South and three Knights to the East. The three Knight to the North carry with them the tools to change the grid. These tools can be a hollow tube, a sword, a peace pipe, or the rod of Ptah, the rod used to levitate the blocks of the pyramids. Remember, energy spun in a counter-clockwise manner brings energy to you. Energy spun in a clockwise manner takes energy away. These tools will create a vortex. You can point the sword or the tube or the pipe, and generate a vortex around that tool. In this fashion, you may pull away negative energy, you may bring it in and transform it. With the sword, you can look at all the negative lines of reception and cut them so that the energy returns to the sender with love. As you work with the three Knights to the north, you will receive input as to what to do to correct the situation. The three Knights to the West are the historians. They know your past, and if you listen , they will teach you what you have done, so that you can bring knowledge to the future.

The three Knights to the South are the healing Knights. They can change the frequency by using the sun’s energy. They can transmute any problem within yourself or the energy field of a loved one. Always remember, this is a planet of free will. You must first have permission before you can change anything. The Knights to the East contain the knowledge of the future. They will help you chart your plan of action so that you know what needs to be done so that you can have the peace that passes all understanding. The three Knights in the middle are the alchemical Knights. Remember, the law of alchemy is “If you change the energy, you can change the structure of matter.” This is the simple knowledge of alchemy. And as you work with the Knights, you can change the consciousness through vortex energy so that there is peace and prosperity on the planet. Remember, this is a planet of free will. No one has the right to control you. It is important that you accept no fear. You are a Sovereign human being. Stand in the light and create the vortexes that are needed to restore the energy on the planet.

So to start the meditation, face the three Knights to the North, and walk out to greet them. Listen for their names. You may have even been one of these Knights in a former lifetime. The three Knights to the North will help you make the instruments. Remember, spinning the vortex in a counter-clockwise manner brings energy to you, spinning in a clockwise manner takes energy away. There is nothing good or bad about this energy, it is just the simple way that energy moves in the universe. Spend about 5 minutes building your own instruments and then walk back to the center, bowing and thanking the three Knights to the North.

Now, face West. Walk out and greet the three Knights to the West, the historian Knights. Spend time listening to your past lives. Learn the Knights names, and visualize all the treasures and the lessons that you have learned in the past and bring this information to the present so that you can empower yourself with all the lessons that you have learned. Now, bow and thank the Knights and walk back to the center. Now you know your past, and bow to the North to signify that you have the instruments.

Now you face the healing Knights to the South. These Knights use the power of the Sun to burn away any scars, anger, hatred, etc., that you have collected in your past. Fill each of these moments with the joy of the Sun, and know that you can heal and forgive the past. In doing this, you can heal the scars in your electromagnetic field and bring peace into your own energy field. Thank the three Knights to the South and bow to them and walk back to the center.

Now bow to the West, and bow to the North, envisioning the knowledge of the past and the instruments with your own healing. Face the three Knights to the East and walk out to greet them. These three Knights know your birth-path. You came to this planet to fulfill a destiny. It is time for you to open up your mind so that you see the whole picture, past, present and future. The time is now that you step into the present and fully understand the path that you must take. Embrace the three Knights to the East and walk back into the middle.

Now you recognize the three Knights to the South, the three Knights to the East and the three Knights to the North. Now it is time for you to meet the three alchemical Knights, which will help you create zero point energy. The eye of the vortex is peaceful and calm, and as you spin the Knights around you, you can have the power to change the energy by being in a balanced energy field. Many people call this a Merkabah. You can spin the Knights by raising the three alchemical Knight up, so that their feet are at your head level. You spin the three Knights in the middle counter-clockwise and the other Knights clockwise. This will bring energy into you and reverse it out to the world. If you wish to change the direction, you spin the three inner Knights clockwise, and the outer Knights counter-clockwise. This will bring energy up from the Earth, and the outer Knights will take it down to the Earth.

This simple exercise, when done with at least three people, will generate a vortex on the planet and transmute the negative energy that is being programmed into Mothers Earth’s grid. .