Harmonic Concordance – Activation

JULY 30, 31, AUGUST 1 AND 2, 2004

The Hardy’s have been holding this conference for 24 years. The first one was in 1980 after Dean returned from Egypt. In 1981, several of us went to Egypt and were given a mission to save the planet. At that time, we learned that we were grid keepers. On November 8 and 9, 2003, the Harmonic Concordance will occur. At this time all the stargates will be open and the consciousness of the planet can be raised. For years, many of you have been attending our conference and learning how to create vortexes. Last year, in 2002, a tornado was heading towards our conference, and the group effort of creating a counter vortex removed the tornado from the sky. Now is the time that we create the vortex during the eclipse, at which time we should recite the Cathar Creed so that the Church of Love can be reestablished in the Earth’s grid. Next year we plan to have many of the same speakers back. That is why we are calling the conference Stargate Activation. Through these Stargates, we can create a new world. Many of us have come to this lifetime just for that purpose. Remember, we can do this now, or at any point in time.

The astrologer John Mirehiel was one of the speakers at our conference this year. See the astrological chart of the Harmonic Concordance in this section, or at the website: www.astrositecom. In it, he explains how the merkabah is created within the heavens. With the proper spinning of the merkabah, we can create a whole new light body. If 144,000 of us do this, we can bring the Christ consciousness back to the planet.

One of the interesting things that John has discovered is that the eclipses have a cycle. The cycle that started this particular pattern of eclipses began in 1244 at the burning of the Cathars at Montsegur, France. At that time, these people sacrificed themselves to create the Church of Love. That is why it is important that we recite the Cathar Creed when we create our vortex during the eclipse on November 8. The eclipse will occur at 8:12 p.m. Eastern Standard time. The time of the eclipse will be different in other time zones. Refer to www.astrosite.com for the exact time in your area. The power of the eclipse will occur from 14 minutes before and 14 minutes after the appointed time of 8:12 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

On August 11, 1999, there was a total solar eclipse over England, France, Turkey, and the Middle East countries. The darkness from this eclipse ended in India. At that time there was a perfect cross in the heavens formed by the planets in fixed signs. The Sun was on 18 degrees Leo, which is the degree of the birth of Christ Consciousness. This eclipse will be completed on November 8, 2003, when there is a marvelous configuration in the heavens. I believe this is the start of peace on the higher frequency Earth, although it is possible to manifest peace within us right now.

Astrological charts show the Concordance alignment contains a near perfect Grand Sextile/Star of David pattern in the feminine Earth and Water signs, featuring five masculine planets – the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Chiron, along with the Moon. The interaction of these six specific astrological metaphors combines to hold the perfectly appropriate and balanced energies to produce the effect of a planetary shift in consciousness. See the chart on the next page. The Concordance is bringing us the opportunity to graduate into the Christ Consciousness.

Before the Concordance, I would be happy to send you a copy of the Cathar Creed so that you have it to recite on November 8, 2003. I have also found a wonderful book, called “Past Recall,” by Nita Hughes, which explains the true history of the Cathars. They preserved the secret information that Christ brought to the planet. The Inquisition was about destroying this information.

Sheldon Nidle has created a tape on the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA). St. Germaine and other Masters who helped set up the banking systems of the Earth plan to activate this system. If you would like a copy of this tape, please send $10 and your shipping information to my address above. We have a new Earth coming – TRANSFORMATION ACTIVATION!

and returning the grid to a Christ conscious state. As grid keepers we are learning that we work with many entities.

Teaching people to move vortexes is easy. The energy in a vortex moves the same way electricity moves. The minute you plug in a male plug to a female socket, you get electricity. Haleakala is a valley and is like the female socket. In the Iao Valley there is a huge standing stone or needle that is 2250 feet tall. It is like the male plug. By creating a tuned vortex over each of these acupressure points, you can move the energy from one to the other. Remember, it was not us that did it. It was the elders in the 4th dimension and the dolphins and the whales that did it. This is a planet of free will. And if three stand together and ask, we can bring Christ consciousness back to the planet. One of the ladies named Marie Gardner, lives near Haleakala. She and a group of women met weekly to create the vortex. It was by their action that the whales and the dolphins were able to come back. We are the grid keepers, and it is important that we activate ourselves and the grid by November 8.

In the middle of August, 2002, the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire became a church that can now ordain ministers. We are learning how to use the Holy Grail vortex. We have a telephone tree that was activated and has been used several times to deactivate nuclear weapons and to reduce the intensity of hurricanes like Lily. It was no accident that we were able to stop the tornado during the last conference. This is proof that we need to understand how to activate the stargates when they line up. For years we have been working together as a group to heal the planet and the grid and to advance humanity into higher consciousness. We have a system of pyramids and obelisks set up so that we can work with the Harmonic Concordance of the opening of the stargates and bring the planet to total peace. Each and everyone of us that has attended the conference in the past is being called to attend night school and learn how to activate themselves to create a peaceful planet. We must allow the phoenix of consciousness to be activated through the stargates and bring in a higher frequency and dimensional field. This is a notice. I would advise those of you who have computers to start looking up information about the Harmonic Concordance.

Strange things are happening all over the world. The Dark Lords are building a high wall around the pyramid at Giza so that they can use this antenna system for their own dark purposes. I believe that they are preparing it for a HAARP device. When I went to Hawaii, I learned that the crater on Maui is being used as a possible HAARP device. And now with the war in Iraq, I have learned that they have found the stargate known as The Garden of Eden. We have to realize that the Dark Lords are preparing for the Harmonic Concordance. This is a planet of Free will. We must prepare also.

Anyone wishing to speak at the conference, please contact Mary. All the people listed below spoke last year and will be put into the schedule around the first of July unless I am otherwise notified.