Secret Knowledge


Revelation reveals to humanity much of the secret knowledge, but most of this information is encoded so that the average human being does not understand the war that is going on between the light and the people in our government that wish to extinguish this light. The dark forces are trying to control the freewill of the Sovereign beings on this planet so that they are made into robots and enslaved into their diabolical plan. This is a planet of free will. Every man, woman and child, has encoded within its being, the power to break this bondage, and in so doing, free the whole galaxy from this situation. Yes, there is a war going on. Thousands of years ago, the sovereign beings of this planet were given free will, – the opportunity to choose and understand the power and existence of love. In so doing, this element will be given to the whole universe. That, in a nutshell, is the secret knowledge that must be dealt with and understood. In understanding this, it is important to understand the total game plan of the dark forces.
Let us look at a brief outline of the dark forces game plan:
1. The first step in their game plan is to chip humanity so that they destroy the powerful encoding of love that gives us the power of freewill. See books by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, and/or David Icke’s web page: for more information on these subjects.
2. They plan on creating an antennae system within the planet so that they can activate these chips. Many of us haven’t a clue of this process. There is probably less than 2% of the world’s population that has the ability or the desire to even understand this. Most of us are herded into our everyday life like sheep. The burdens of everyday life prevent us from comprehending the real secret knowledge of being sovereign, and knowing that we have the opportunity to take the whole galaxy back to a situation of free will and love.
3. The plan was to cap the Great Pyramid on December 31, 1999 during a spectacular celebration. Thank goodness this failed! If the capstone would have been lowered onto the pyramid, the planet would have experienced a reversal in the power in the grid, and Y2K would have been a reality. The reversal in the grid would have shut down computers and electrical systems all over the planet.

The beings on this planet are a combination of 22 different star systems in the Pleiadian galaxy. Instead of having a brutal, murderous war, it was agreed upon to fight the battle within a small situation on Earth. Each and every one of us has the opportunity to raise the frequency and the vibration of the planet and, of our being, so that the whole galaxy can return to the peace and harmony that it deserves. One has to understand that this is a planet of free will. Everyone has to make the decision for themselves, and when 144,000 of us rise above the hum-drum of everyday life, and take back the power of being a sovereign being, then the planet will return to light and in so doing, make a powerful statement for the whole galaxy. If the encoding of 22 different star systems can live together in free will by the encoding that is in our RNA/DNA, then the beings within the galaxy will have an understanding of each other’s race, because, when 22 different star systems can function in 144,000 individuals who have free will, then the whole galaxy will have an opportunity to live in peace.

The Millenia Moment
Commit to Peace
given at the WESAK Festival, May 1999
a meditation, a thought, a prayer for Peace:

From My Heart
To the Heart of God
I commit to living Peace
For myself
For my children
For my family
For my town
For my city
My country
And the world.

anytime during this next year, if we all join together
in this one thought and this one intention, we the individuals
of the earth will have done what has never been done before:
each person individually, for all of humanity, will Commit to Peace.