Intentional Vortexes and Hurricane Floyd

Using the Power of the Mind to Control Dangerous Weather Situations

by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D..
September 14, 1999

“Sept. 14 – No matter where it hits land, Hurricane Floyd, a storm the size of Texas, is headed for the record books. By Robert Bazell, NBC NEWS”

Headlines like the one above were commonplace on Tuesday, September 14. However, by Wednesday morning, September 15, reports of Floyd seemed rather tame. What happened to Floyd? The hurricane that was predicted to be the “Storm of the Century” somehow changed.

One explanation is that somebody or something knocked the stuffing out of hurricane Floyd! When one understands the wisdom of vortex energy, then one can see how energy patterns like Floyd’s can be weakened. Weather itself travels from one spinning vortex to another. A high pressure spins clockwise, and a low pressure spins counter-clockwise. Floyd was a low pressure, spinning in a counter-clockwise fashion off the coast of Florida. If one was to activate the Earth’s electromagnetic field, which is made up of spinning vortexes, in such a way as to create 2 counter-spinning vortexes, one in the middle of Florida, and the other in the area of Savannah, Georgia, then one could start to tear down the velocity of Floyd. Two counter-spinning tops will destroy one another. If the two high pressures are anchored in the Earth’s magnetic field and continually fed by the Earth’s grid, then the hurricane could be repelled and weakened.

I was discussing this with a friend who was dining with 6 other people, and he suggested that we mentally create these vortexes with our minds and place them in Florida and Georgia, to see if we could weaken the hurricane.

So, early in the evening on September 14, eight people sat in a circle in a hotel room in Toronto and sent two standing columnar waves (SCWs) to the area that Hurricane Floyd was about to demolish. Since Floyd was low pressure, which is a counter-clockwise energy pattern, we needed to create two high-pressure SCWs on the shore where Floyd threatened to come in. So we placed a clockwise vortex at Lake Well, Florida, visualizing the area of the singing tower, which is a natural vortex. The other vortex we mentally placed in Savannah, Georgia. This visualization actually started to destroy Floyd. Even the news media was amazed at the change in Floyd’s behavior. As the low pressure hit the two high pressures, it pushed Floyd out to sea and actually started to punch holes into the hurricane. We learned a long time ago when dealing with weather patterns that you cannot put two tops together. Since we stabilized the two high pressure vortexes on land, we were able to push Floyd around and to slow down the velocity of the wind so that in some newspapers you saw the unbelievable statements that Floyd was not as dangerous as once thought.

In 1968, my husband Dean and I met the disciple John the Beloved. At that time, we were asked by him to build a pyramid to balance the Earth’s grid system because the U.S. government was placing a device in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that generated extremely low frequency (ELF). ELF can be very destructive to the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and its inhabitants. At this time, we were asked to understand the delicate balance of the Earth’s magnetic fields and to teach those that would listen how these fields could be balanced

Every year since 1980, we have had a conference on our property on Dumont Lake. The purpose of the conference is to teach the understanding of the power of Pyramid Energy, Medicine Wheels and Vortexes, to anyone that is interested. Everyone is welcome to attend. The spirit of John the Beloved always attends these conferences and encourages the attendees to learn how to use the mind to overcome matter.

At our 1999 conference, we had spaceships entering and leaving Dumont lake. Many people observed this phenomena. The ships were there to retune us so that we could stabilize the grid. When the grid is out of tune, we see violent storms, such as hurricane Floyd. Many of us are being trained to be part of the answer, so that the grid will stay in balance. We do not have to attend the conference to receive this knowledge. Many times information comes to us while we dream. What we are being encouraged to do is to USE the knowledge that we gain, regardless of where we gain it from. This is a planet of Freewill. The first lesson that we learn is that we cannot interfere unless we are asked.

Consciousness is a gift. The time is now that we recognize these gifts and start using them in love and harmony to balance the grid..