The Magdalene, Knights Templar and Alchemy

by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

    he last two summers I have traveled to France in search of the mysteries of the Knights Templar and Alchemy, only to find the history of Mary Magdalene and how she brought the knowledge of essential oils to France. The mysteries I searched for are centered around a little village called Rennes-le-Chateau. Here, the French believe, Mary Magdalene came after the death of Christ. And because of her influence, a whole order of fighting men, known as the Knights Templar, were created.

    Wherever Mary traveled in France, she taught the skill of healing with oils. Few people realize the wisdom that the Magdalene presented to the world in the development of the use of essential oils. She was the mystical woman that anointed Jesus’ feet. This demonstrates her skill in the use of essential oils.

    Biblical references to Mary Magdalene include information that she was one of the women who accompanied Jesus after he healed her of possession by several demons (Luke 8:2, and Mark 16:9). She is also reported to have been one of the women at the foot of the cross (Mark 15:40, Matthew 27:56 and John 19:25), and one of the women to arrive at the tomb at first light on Easter morning (Mark 16:1, Matthew 28:1, Luke 24:10, John 20:1-3). The gospel of John says that she came alone to the tomb and encountered Jesus, at first believing him to be the gardener. She even reached out and embraced him when she recognized him, calling him “Rabboni,” an affectionate form of the word Rabbi. Obviously this Mary, called “the Magdalene,” was an intimate friend and companion of Jesus.

    After the crucifixion of Jesus, Mary Magdalene moved to France and lived for several years. Her offspring became the kings of France, known as the Merovingian line. French history states that she was the sister of Lazarus, who sat at the feet of Jesus, absorbing his teachings (Luke 10:28-42), and who later anointed his feet with nard (spikenard, an essential oil) and dried them with her hair (John 11:2 and 12:3).

    Part of the mystery about Rennes-le-Chateau is centered on the offspring of the Magdalene. The last French king in the Merovingian line was Dagobert II. He and his son Sigebert were supposedly killed. However, the young Sigebert was smuggled into Rennes-le-Chateau by his mother, and there, the whole mystery of the Templars was created to prove the birth rites of the lineage of the Magdalene. Because of this wisdom, alchemy in France became a reality. The Merovingians knew the mysteries that Jesus taught, like changing water into wine.

    Around 1090, nine priests went to Jerusalem and searched around the temple of Solomon for proof of this lineage, and for a better understanding of the development of alchemy. Out of this search came the birth of the Templars. What they discovered while in Jerusalem is the true wisdom of alchemy. They found the instruments know as the Holy Grail. They learned how to use these instruments to change mind over matter (alchemy). The true Templar’s mission was to change gross man into a light being. Their mission was to guard the roads to Jerusalem. Jerusalem meaning, ‘New Salem,’ the birthplace of the order of Malchezidek. Malchezidek was Abraham’s teacher. He is mentioned in the first chapters of the Bible. The Malchezidek order teaches humanity how to activate our higher chakras.

    The Magdalene was an advanced healer and a highly respected member of the twelfth tribe of Israel, the Tribe of Benjamin. In France, I learned that the amygdala gland is probably named after the Magdalene. Mary Magdalene realized the importance of smell and the development of healing through the limbic system. It is through this system that one can activate the higher chakras. It is the Magdalene’s gift that while using these frequencies of the brain, one can enter into a state of mind over matter.

    The very fact that the Templars developed alchemy may have come from the wisdom that is based in the oils. When you enter the amygdala gland, you change the frequency in the brain and alter the physical reality. It is at this level of consciousness that one can become a true alchemist and change water into wine. The very fact that Mary Magdalene was a member of the twelfth tribe tells us that she was conscious of this higher wisdom. Originally, humanity had twelve chakras. I believe that the twelve tribes represent the twelve chakras. The Magdalene then, would have had knowledge of beginning alchemy.

    The important factor here is that when you enter the amygdala gland and the limbic system to activate the higher chakras, it is my experience that the Magdalene comes and teaches her special healing wisdom. This is the wisdom of changing the very structure of the RNA/DNA, so that one can work with particles of light and become an alchemist. This is the wisdom and the knowledge that Mary gave us through the oils. At this level of consciousness, there is no time and space. One becomes one with Christ.

    My search for the Magdalene, Knights Templar and Alchemy have come full circle. The story is there. One doesn’t need the history, one only has to believe in the gift of the Magdalene-the use of essential oils to develop higher consciousness.