Holy Grid, Holy Grail

by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

 This is an open letter to all those who wish to understand the grid and how it can be reconstructed to save the planet during the Earth chages reported in Revelation and now predicted by El Nino due to the warming trend of the planet.

r.gif (124 bytes)ecently, my husband Dean and I, and two other travellers, Virginia Lonesky and Joanne Sibley, traveled for 17 days in the UK. We visited Stonehenge, Avebury, and many sacred sites in Scotland, and England.   There is much I learned on my trip, and I am very grateful. For a long time, I have had a calling to put together the history of the Earth in relationship to the gridlines, called the Holy Grail. For whomever controls the grid, controls the consciousness of humanity. All of this unique engineering known as the grid, was constructed after the destruction we call the Flood. At that time, Earth was wobbling on her axis, out of control, and needed to be realigned and balanced so that humanity as a race could develop into a conscious being in God’s creation.

So all the tribes known as the twelve tribes, were called from all the corners of the Earth, to a school in Egypt, called Sakkara. Here, they professed to be the men of Ptah. When these students learned to balance their own electromagnetic fields, they were given the rod of Ptah. With this wisdom, this great teacher taught them how to engineer the electromagnetic grid of the planet so that the standing stones and pyramids could be erected. They converted the magnetic fields of the Earth to form lines of electromagnetic pathways to guide the blocks and to levitate them to the constructive means of all the monuments we see on the Earth. This was a worldwide project.

To activate the grid system it was necessary that all the people of the Earth come together. Without this support, the planet would have tumbled out of orbit and broken up, so it was necassary for this system to be constructed. And now, what I am going to do is try to tell the story from this point of view in spite of the historical story that has been told for years. When we look at reports from historians who viewed the pyramids years after their construction, we have to think that they were only guessing at the history and did not understand the actual process of reconstructing the grid and saving the planet from destruction. One example is that the pyramids were seldom used as tombs. Anyone who understands the system of electrical magnetic engineering would have to understand that the pyramid is really a big condensor that could at one time control and manipulate the grid. When this wisdom is understood, we may find that this knowledge of the Holy Grail instruments can be used to save the planet. So the reconstruction of pyramids and stone circles may again be activated on the Earth.

The twelve tribes were gathered in Sakkara, Egypt, and taught how to use the rods of Ptah to repel a south pole magnetic field. The walkways streamed with sphinxes, which were really magnetically charged instruments that tuned the walkway into southpole energy which repeled the heavy blocks and used the magnetic grids of the planet with sound, to levitate and move the blocks long distances. We all know that when two South Poles or two North Poles are put together, they repel each other. This design is built into the walkways in Egypt, and what I learned from my trip to Avebury, was that the same magnetic devices were built into the landscape here, in the UK. Silbury Hill is a step pyramid, the same as Zosers pyramid in Sakkara. Instead of the walkways being strewn with magnetic devices, next to Silbury Hill is a long barrow—the West Kennett Long Barrow which was filled with chambers that could house electromagnetic devices that could tune a ley line to a magnetic pole. This long tube would send out a solitron, or pulse wave, that could retune the ley lines. The standing stones of Avebury and Stonehenge could be moved along the ley lines. The device that tuned the blocks was know as the rod of Ptah. Since this information was taught on a world-wide basis, it was used all over the world. ‘Flying carpets’ were devices that were tuned by the Rods of Ptah and could travel the magnetic lines. They were often used to move the blocks.

Stonehenge was a specially designed device to retune the electromagnetic grids after all the engineering was done. Here the instruments that would control the grid, known as the instruments of the Holy Grail, were put on top of the Sarsen Archways, and for years the Priests, or keepers of the sacred knowledge would check the tip and tilt of the Earth and retune it so we had the same number of days each year and the same moon cycles. Many historians have noted that Stonehenge functions as a clock that can check on the Solstice, the Equinox, the number of days in the year, and to see that sun rises and sunsets are in the same position each year. The ancients used it to check that the planet was in a stable orbit. All of this was designed into Stonehenge simply to check year after year, on the grid. So that one could see no falter in the Earth spin. This was only one of the many monitoring stations on the planet. From this beautiful circle of stones, ever so gently, the planet could be retuned into a stable orbit, without the massive change of global catastrophe. It is no wonder that Stonehenge and other monuments are in line with the Great Pyramid. All through France and England the Sacred Priests watched and guarded the Holy Grail for years after its construction. The Druids and the Celts were all part of this Holy enterprise.

All of this information was kept by a small group of people and for years it laid sleeping, until the people recorded as the Hyksos in Egyptian history, but in the Bible, they are Jacob, Joseph and Isaac, and were the true invaders of Egypt. Around 1600 B.C. these simple Celtic kings decided that they wanted the true instruments of the Holy Grail which were buried in Egypt. So they massed great armies and drove the Egyptians back to Thebes and Elephantine, and created a divided Egypt with an upper and lower kingdom. The Hyksos ruler now controlled lower Egypt around Sakkara and Giza. The true Egyptian Pharaoh was defeated and pushed into upper Egypt. Was all of this effort due to the fact that these kings wanted control, or did they foresee catastrophe, or did they simply wish to use the grid to further the consciousness of humanity?

The Pharoh, realizing what the Hyksos wanted, took all the instruments of the Grail south with him and housed them in the Temple in Thebes. The Hyksos gained superiority over the Egyptian armies because they invaded Egypt with horse driven chariots. The Egyptians, fifty years later, developed a spoked wheel which gave them a swifter chariot.

While in Scotland we had a guide named Chris Winter, who gave me two books, The Sacred Messiah, and The Hiram Key, both by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas. The information in these books helped me tie the history of the Knights Templar with the founding of Freemasonry. It also helped me put together the history of the grid. The book The Hiram Key is recorded from the secret documents of the Freemasons and the Sacred scrolls that the Templars found in Jerusalem. The books tell of the rise and fall of the Templars and of the role of Joseph and Jacob in Egypt.

According to The Hiram Key, the Hyksos were driven out of Egypt in 1567 B.C. and sent off to Jerusalem. One can now understand why David and Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple was designed to use the Grail instruments to balance and control the grid and consciousness. David and Moses were trained in the use of the Rod of Ptah. David demonstrated the power of these instruments by taking down the walls of Jericho. The history of Moses and the Rod is clearly demonstrated in his ability to separate the waters of the Red Sea, so that his people could escape. This is another example of the use of the Grail instruments. If history is to be looked at and understood from this point of view, then we must understand how to use the knowledge of the Holy Grail to balance the planet.

For the past two summers, I have travelled to France, and have repeatedly found more and more clues regarding the history of the Knights Templar. Through their discovery of ancient records in Jerusalem, they became the keepers of the Grail instruments that were left after Jesus’ group, knows as the Essenes buried the remaining instruments under the Temple of Solomon. In the late 1000s, nine priests went to Jerusalem in search of the true lineage of Jesus, and in 1120, found the remnants of the Holy Grail instruments, and created an order of fighting men known as the Knights Templar to once again put forth the knowledge of retuning the grid and controlling the consciousness of humanity. Their goal was to take gross man and change him into a spiritual being.

Our trip to Scotland started with a visit to the 15th Century Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin Scotland. Here, according to the book, The Hiram Key, is buried the remaining implements of the Holy Grail. Of course, there are other places in England where Joseph of Armathea supposedly took some of the instruments. In our journeys to Glastonbury and the Chalice Well, we experienced this energy. Here in Glastonbury is the supposed tomb of King Arthur, and all of the mystery of the quest for the Holy Grail. It is my experience, from Southern France to Scotland, that Grail mysteries are part of the culture. And this is because the Magdalene and Joseph of Armethea and finally the Knights Templar, buried the knowledge in the grid points and Rosslynn Chapel.

The destruction of the Knights started with their desire to create a new state, in an area in Southern France, known as the Langerdoc, near the village of Rennes le Chateau, which at that time was a huge city. On Friday the 13th, in October of 1307, Phillip the Fair, king of France, ordered the capture of many of the Knights Templar in a coup to steal their lands and wealth. The Knights leader, Jacques de Maloy, was lured into a trap by Phillip and the current Pope, and was captured and tortured for seven years, and finally executed on March 19, 1314, because he would not reveal the where abouts of the Holy treasure. Jacques de Maloy allowed himself to be captured so that the Grail instruments could be saved and loaded into 5 sailing vessels and shipped off to the Americas. According to The Hiram Key, they arrived in the Americas in 1308.

The Knights in the Americas tried to create the same effect they had started in France. The truth of this grid design can be seen at Chaco canyon in the United States— it is a replica of Grail information. Unfortunately, they collapsed the magnetic grid and created an ugly crater called Meteor Crater, 50 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ. When the grid blew up, whole tribes of Native Americans went into a higher frequency. Here I believe the happy hunting grounds of the Hopi Indians were created. Because legends say that if the Hopi dances, he will reach a happy hunting ground where the buffalo run free and there is no tyranny from the white man.

However, on the physical plane, whole tribes of Native Americans, like the Anastazi and the Hohocome, simply disappeared, and Southwest United States was turned into a desert, much the same as you would turn a lush valley into a wasteland after an atomic explosion.

Causing the Native Americans to advance into a higher frequency could be a good thing because from these advanced souls, we can help the planet make its transition. Remember, the planet is entering the Photon Belt, where the magnetic fields of the planet are being weakened by photon energy which is neutral. As in the time of the flood, the whole crust of the Earth could shift and cause much devastation. However, because our atmosphere is thinner now than it was in that time period, this time, the planet will burn instead of flood. This is reported in Revelation.

El Nino is no accident. Every twelve to thirteen thousand years the planet goes into a phenomenon known as the Photon Belt. We have been denied the truth for too long and been fed too many fairy tales. The truth of the greenhouse effect and global warming has not been totally revealed. El Nino is the exact result of Earth entering the Photon Belt. Our not understanding the true history of our planet can take us to total destruction. In many legends and religious teachings the history of the grid has been told and preserved. This knowledge must now be brought out in order to heal the planet and to save civilization, simply by understanding the grid knowledge. One fine example of this information is the Arthurian legends and stories of the Holy Grail. The Native Americans have the same stories.

Word of the destruction of the Knights nobel cause in the Americas was heard by William St. Clair, First Grand Master and Founder of Freemasonry. Somewhere around 1440, he sent sailing vessels to the Americas to rescue the remains of the group that originally sailed in the early 1300s. In the Americas, the fighting men known as the Knights Templar, were Pirates. This can be seen in their fighting emblem. They always used the skull and crossbones to identify themselves. Their worthy cause ended in defeat when the grid blew up. One hundred years later, William St. Clair rescued the remains of this order of Templars and buried their wisdom in a shrine know as Rosslyn.   So it was fitting that we start our trip to Scotland and England at Rosslyn Chapel. Here, a clear understanding of the history was given to me and I now understand the reason why Dean and I had to travel to these sacred places.

We also visited sacred places in Scotland, and here understood more of how the design was constructed in the land through the standing stones and the engineering of the grid. Before the Solstice, and during an eclipse of the full moon, we traveled to the sacred island of Iona and there attempted to visit the cave at Staffa. We could not visit it because the tide was too low for the boat to land. This was due to the effect of the full moon and the eclipse the day before.

Staffa has sacred caves on it, which were part of the tuning device used to move the blocks. Its sister cave, known as Merlin’s cave in Tintagel, had the opposite effect, as did the caves at Staffa, showing us how the grid is out of balance. When we visited friends near Tintagel, we learned that at the same time we had low tides in Iona, we had extremely high tides and flooding, three hundred miles south at Tintagel, along the same coast. We were in Iona during the full moon and also during the full eclipse, which had extreme effects on the electromagnetic grid. We were guided to these areas of Iona and Tintagel simply to observe how the grid is out of balance and to warn people that necessary action should be taken to ensure the continuation of humanity on the planet.

While in Scotland, I saw a program explaining how the temperatures in Scotland could become drastically colder because of El Nino. According to this report, the Gulf Stream would no longer warm the shores of Scotland, and the whole area could become as Northern Canada. If the knowledge of the grid is understood and implemented, the magnetic fields could be used to pull the Gulf Stream north again as it is now. The energy that we observed in the imbalance between the caves is a warning that the waters are flooding in abundance in the Tintagel area and are being blocked 300 miles north in the Staffa area. By activating the grid at Staffa, the Gulf Stream could be pulled north again to stabilize it and keep the environment much as it is now instead of the preditced cooling effect from El Nino. This is part of the reason why we traveled during the time of the full moon and the eclipse.

It is no accident that England and the entire UK is being bombarded with crop circles. I believe these to be designs of motors that can be used to stimulate the grid and activate the system necessary to control the grid. The fact that the Grail instruments are buried at Rosslyn is no accident, even though most of these instruments can no longer be used because of the electromagnet changes in the present frequency of the grid on the Earth. However, if their design was understood, we could create new instruments and the Grail would sing again, and man would not have to worry about El Nino and the effects of the Photon Belt.

I have also discovered in my travels that the sacred points of the Holy Grail are guarded by beings of light that are no longer in the physical body. These are often the Knights Templar, Celtic priests, or old Indian shamans. They are guarding these points of light on the planet that balance the Holy Grail. Their desire is to help humanity transform into light when the planet makes her transition. These light entities usually take on the form that will interest the beholder. What I may see as a Knights Templar guarding an area, someone else may see as an Indian Shaman, or an Egyptian trained in the use of the Rod of Ptah. All of these individuals are there to help, all one has to do is to go within.

Originally the pyramids, the standing stones, and the Grail instruments were designed to protect humanity from the destruction and the catastrophes that Earth is about to face. It is important that we look at the history of the Earth with an understanding of the Holy Grail, and the wonderful stories of Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable.

We ended our trip to England by spending an hour inside Stonehenge. Here, numerous entities from a higher frequency joined us and retuned us by broadcasting love and desire to understand the true history. So much of what you are reading now is their attempt to teach humanity. After Stonehenge, we drove to Barbury Castle. Here the four of us, Dean, Virginia, Joanne and myself were put into a stupor and forced to sit for a time in the car. I believe most of the history was given to us, and somewhere in our memories is the knowledge to utilize this information. All one has to do is ask to be part of the answer and the Knights will come to them and teach them the wisdom that we experienced on this trip. When the student is ready, the teacher will come.