Annual Sakkara Conference


NOTICE (scroll down for schedule pdf file)
July 26, 27, 28, 29, 2019



Training the Light Bodies to 
Move Energy Thru the Pyramid System 
Teaching the Wisdom of the Marys and the Knights
to Create a Temple on Earth

peace. . .

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

July 26 – 29, 2019 (scroll down for schedule)

The Purpose of the Temple of Sakkara is to teach humanity to heal themselves so they can advance into higher consciousness

The Temple of Sakkara has been given an antenna system that can totally heal the planet. We all know that changing reality through Love is a blessing. Activating the light bodies is important to change frequency. We must enter the light bodies through the frontal lobes and the heart chakra so that we can change space, time, energy and matter. Pyramids are really cathedrals that help humanity achieve this goal.

The importance of this conference is to bring our emotions into a higher consciousness so that we can put love and harmony back into the grid. We will be learning the Holy Grail vortex and experiencing the gift of developing our light bodies. By utilizing the Holy Grail vortex and the glia brain, one can control weather patterns, reverse radiation damage, and purify water. We can reverse the damage from ELF and EMF.

There will be a Firewalk this year. Cost is $45. The closing ceremony will be Sunday at 6:30. The classes offered on Monday will be an extra fee of $35 or more. Speakers must have at least 6 people to hold a class.

The importance of controlling the vortexes through our consciousness is to understand the sword and the cup. The pyramid is the cup. The obelisk is the sword. Th movie, The Divinci Code has brought to the general public the knowledge of the divine feminine and the power of the cup and sword.

All energy moves through high and low weather patterns. Low pressures move down into a cup and high pressures move up into a sword. Creating a vortex by the utilization of Crop Circles and Medicine Wheels allows us to send energy to heal the planet with the Holy Grail vortex. Developing our light bodies allows us to send this energy to other acupressure points on the planet. That is why we are developing our light bodies and dancing with the fairies, divas and orbs.

We are the Temple of Sakkara, which brings the power of the Holy Grail vortex into our pyramid antenna system to alter time, space, energy and matter. We must become Alchemists to heal the consciousness of humanity. This year we will be placing emphasis on balancing the orgone fields with tachyon energy.


PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change. Last updated 7/25/19. 

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The Hardy’s have been holding this conference for over 30 years. The first one was in 1980 after Dean returned from Egypt. In 1981, several of us went to Egypt and were given a mission to save the planet. At that time, we learned that we were grid keepers. The reason we built the pyramid in 1975 was to stop the electrocution of the vegetation on the planet. In 1975 the US government activated SEAFARER in the upper peninsula of Michigan to control submarines in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This has created many weather abnormalities and has aided in the death of vegetation on the planet. Last Spring there were many earthquakes and a threat of Yellowstone erupting into a volcano. For the last year the Native American chiefs have come and sat on our land to work on balancing the many earthquakes, mainly Sitting Bull, Techumse, and Standing Bear. These chiefs recognize the disruption that SEAFARER has caused in the grid. It has created extremely low frequency energy coming out of Sawyer Air force base. Sakkara was created to balanace out these energy fields through the Holy Grail Vortex and the ability for humanity to develop their light bodies. Now we must balance the orgone fields with tachion energy.

Thank you – hope all is well

Love and Light

Mary Hardy


Throughout the Conference, private consultations using tarot cards, astrology and other intuitive gifts may be arranged with the various practitioners and instructors. Contact Mary at (269) 673-4849 if you wish to give or receive readings. Contact Marlita or Rick if you wish to do the Fire walk.

• Due to lack of parking space, RVs and trailers should make arrangements with Tri-Ponds at (269) 673-4740 or Dumont Lake Campground 269-673-4740

• Prohibitions – No drugs beer, wine or hard liquor.

• The fee for the conference does not include food. You may bring a cooler or picnic lunch or go out to eat. Food and beverages will be available for a reasonable price through Echo’s Kitchen. The use of the Hardy’s private facilities and kitchen is strictly prohibited.

• Portions of this year’s conference will be recorded by Steve Valdek.

• Water will be available during the seminar.

• Portable toilets and wash stations will be available. The use of the Hardy’s private facilities is strictly prohibited.


• Sleeping in the Pyramid for the duration of Conference is strictly prohibited. The Pyramid is to be used as a temple for meditation or sacred purposes only.

• Bring a tent and sleep in the Hardy’s front yard.

• Make your hotel reservations in advance. Allegan has limited facilities and nearby hotels are often full at this time of year.

• Local Accommodations: Budget Host – (269) 673-6622, Hotel Allegan 866-599-6674,  Allegan Country Inn 616-307-5803, Tri Ponds Family Camp 269-673-4740, and Dumont Lake Family Campground 269-509-1017.