A letter from Mary… November 10, 1999

ear Friends,

     This summer we felt that the bottom of the lake during the conference was bombarded with many objects that some would call extraterrestrial. Most of these objects were round, with tentacles. Many of us felt that they were there to encode us so that we could be sovereign. We were all asked to go into the lake. This same phenomena happened before the Women’s meeting held here on October 8, 9 and 10, 1999. Enclosed are pictures taken during the meeting. The first picture shows the space ships lining up just before the meeting. The sky was full of clouds in long lines. For years people like Kenneth Killick and my son John have told me that there were always several Mother ships in attendance during our seminars. Many people have seen beings of light walking among us during the seminar. Their purpose is to prepare us, because we wish to be part of the answer, and protect the grid that has been built so that mankind can advance into a Christed Being. The second picture was taken by the obelisk, and shows the reflection of one of the Light beings. It is time for us to understand that we have come to this planet to help humanity advance into its higher consciousness. It has been pointed out many times that this is our job. That is why the Hardy family was asked to build the pyramid and to hold these annual conferences. We are now going to hold 4 Women’s meetings per year, in addition to the conference. They will be held on or around the equinox and the solstice. If you would like to attend, please contact me, so that I can put you on the mailing list. Men are also welcome to come along and help Dean hold the male energy during these women’s meetings.


     In 1975, our government installed a system called Extremely Low Frequency, (ELF). This system was placed in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and is called Seafare. What they have done is to take the major ley lines and place electrical wires along these ley lines so that they can be pulsed at a desired frequency. In this way they can pulse the whole grid of Mother Earth. So that the consciousness of humanity could not be completely controlled by ELF, we were asked to build our pyramid, and to start training people to understand the process of becoming Christed Beings.

     The second thing they did was to put up “High Altitude Aurora Resonance Project” (HAARP). Now, they can place an electrical device anywhere on the planet and beam it up to a satellite and then beam it back to a person, a car, or a building. In this way, they can control your blood pressure, or find a lost child. What is sad is that they can also use it to control you. The third step is to place a capstone on the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. Their desire is to place probes in all the major vortexes which are sacred sites. In this way, they will have complete control over the weather and also knock out the Christ consciousness grid which allows humanity to advance into a higher being. On December 31, 1999, George Bush, and Illuminati, is holding a celebration (ritual), to light up the capstone, to signify their conquering the ability for humanity to be sovereign and to advance into Christ consciousness.For more information, see David Icke’s website at: www.davidicke.com.

     On August 11, 12 and 13, the Illuminati conducted a trial run in the pyramid. When they attempted to control the vortexes, they all shut down and shifted to a nearby location so that the probes could not locate and control them. Mother Earth is a living being and does not wish to be controlled in this fashion. That is why we who attend the conference and hundreds of others on a worldwide basis, have to understand what is being done and protect Mother Earth and the sovereignty of humanity in a loving way.

     418 year ago, in October, the Gregorian calendar was introduced by the Illuminati via the Vatican, to introduce the false millennum date of Dec. 31/Jan. 1, 2000. This calendar was specifically introduced because of the sun’s anticipated activity durning this time period. They knew 418 years ago that there would be a fantastic energy bombardment from the sun that could wipe out our satellites, cause our computers to shut down, take down our electrical energy systems, and generally destroy the loving consciousness of humanity. They also planned the celebration of capping the pyramid so that they could have control of humanity. This sun cycle has been verified by the Astronomical Association. This could be the real reason for the Y2K panic.

     It is imperative that you remain free of the fear that they will be trying to control you with. You are a Christed Being. You are safe, whole and complete. Do not fear. It is imperative that you remain sober and in control of your consciousness. You should gather together in groups of 3 or more. If you attempt this on your own, it will backfire and come back at you. You must have the harmony and energy of at least 3 people gathered together. You are welcome to come to the pyramid and join in our own pyramid celebration to counteract this eveil plan.

     I have just returned from a wonderful trip to France and Spain. Again, this trip was to understand what is happening with the situation of the capstone being placed on the pyramid on December 31, 1999. The New World Order wishes to control humanity by eliminating the Christ consciousness grid so that humanity cannot return to their Christed selves. Part of this grid was set up by the Knights Templar. They did this by building the cathedrals called Notre Dames.

     As stated before, whoever controls the grid controls the consciousness of humanity. For the last 4 years I have been traveling to France and Spain visiting the sites of the Templars. During these visits, I have begun to understand the deadly secret that the New World Order wishes to complete by placing the capstone on the Great Pyramid. It seems that the Knights Templar gridded most of Europe and connected it to several large churches called Notre Dames. Each one of these churches controls the coding to help humanity advance into a Christed state. We are a combination of 22 different star systems. Encoded in these cathedrals are secret vibrations that will help humanity advance into a higher plane of consciousness.

     While travelling in Europe, we visited several of these cathedrals. Two were in Spain. Here, I learned the secret as to why they were built. The Templars wished to place within these buildings a secret coding so that humanity could develope into a Christed Being. When the Templars lost Jerusalem, they set up a shrine which housed the disciple James’ bones. People would travel from all over Europe to visit this site. On the way these pilgrims would stop at many of the large cathedrals built by the Templars. The purpose of this journey was to encode the pilgrims or travellers with the necessary coding to help them graduate into higher consciousness. Many people would travel for months and visit many of these cathedrals while journeying to see James’ bones.

     Because of the action that took place in the pyramid during the eclipse on August 11, 12 and 13, 1999, the weather vortexes increased to gigantic proportions. By September 14, we had a hurricane the size of Texas, named Floyd, preparing to attack Florida. Because the sacred vortexes had diminished, it would have gone straight across Florida with nothing to stop it. While I was at a conference in Toronto, Canada, several people asked me if we could do something to stop Floyd. I explained that we needed to reestablish the vortexes in Florida and Georgia to create a barrier so that this massive hurricane could be weakened and eventually taken down.

     For several years now, I have been working with the Knights Templar. They are etheric beings that have control of the grid. If we understand how to build a vortex in the proper way, we can use all of the prayer energy from humanity to build the proper energy patterns to control the weather, or to free humanity. All we have to do is desire to be part of the answer. On this past trip to Europe, we visited many sites and reestablished the vortexes in the grid through love, peace and harmony. At this point Mary Magdalene and the Knights accompanied us and many of the etheric Knights that had been working with the Illuminati, came over to our side. It is now time for those with access to the Knights, to learn the proper way, through love and consciousness to rebuild and maintain the Christ consciousness grid.