Essential Oils – Passport to the Heavens

by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.
One explanation of how the gifts of the Magi can help advance mankind into higher spirituality

    I am writing this article to tell you of the wonderful changes that are taking place in the world. On November 8/9, 2003, there was the Harmonic Concordance. This was a full eclipse of the Moon. At that time, the astrological configurations in the sky told of a new beginning when mankind could advance into a higher frequency and activate their higher selves. The astrological signs of the sun, moon and planets, made the star of David, which when activated creates a spinning vortex called a merkabah. On November 23, a full eclipse of the sun occurred. These two eclipses brought about an opportunity that the elders of the planet, such as the Magi, Mayans, Native American Elders, etc., forecast as a new beginning creating the raising of the Christ consciousness. This all occurred just before Christmas, 2003.

    These eclipses activated the portals on the Earth know as stargates. If one tunes into the frequency of these stargates, they can increase their consciousness. For years, the elders of the planet, such as the Magi, knew of these forecasts. That is why the Christ child was given the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Scientifically we know that frankincense and myrrh contain sesquiterpenes that cross the blood-brain barrier and activate the amygdala gland. The fifth sense that mankind has not developed is the sense of smell. Smell holds the key to advancing into a higher consciousness.

    Back in the time of ancient Egypt, Aromatherapy was a way of balancing the auric field with the physical. The sense of smell is depicted on the Egyptian walls by a woman smelling a lotus. This was secret knowledge. Only those trained in the temples were taught how to use this wisdom. They were known as the Sisters of the Emerald Fire because they had to keep the balance point of emerald green within their auric field. Mary Magdalene was taught in this fashion. This knowledge of smell activating the higher consciousness is a way of developing the soul. Now, by studying research by T.D.A. Lingo, we understand that the olfactory bulbs stimulate the amygdala gland through smell and activates the frontal lobes of the brain – transcending space, time, energy and matter through consciousness.

    The limbic system consists of many glands. Not much research has been done on understanding the functioning of the limbic system. History has recorded that these glands are activated by smell. That is why Essential oils are so powerful. Mary Magdalene and the Egyptians knew this. That is why the lotus blossom was used in many of their hieroglyphics. The activation of the amygdala gland was the gift of the Magi.

    T. D. A. Lingo was a member of general Pattons armored tank group in WWII, and was greatly disturbed by the acts of violence and homicide he witnessed. After the war, he studied at 4 universities, always asking the same question: “Why must mankind kill his brother?”

    Finally, a professor in Chicago answered this question. He tapped on his forehead with his fingertips, and stated that the answer lies within the human brain, but that research to date had yielded no explanations. If Lingo wanted the answer, he would have to open his own research lab and find the answer himself. After 15 years of studying brain research material, Lingo and his associates found that the anterior part of the amygdala gland is a gateway into the frontal lobes of the brain. By entering through this gateway, you can increase your consciousness and become more spiritually developed. You begin to use a larger percentage of the brain. Through his discoveries, Lingo felt that entering into this gateway enabled us to tap into a universal consciousness. In this way, those that learn to access the frontal lobes of their brain can bring about a peaceful harmony in the world.

    When you are in the posterior amygdala, you deal with the traumas and dramas of life. If you can jump, or “click” forward into the anterior portion of the amygdala, you can reach euphoria. He calls this process, “clicking.” As people learn to control this function, they can actually feel and hear this click in their minds.

    The true way to activate the amygdala gland is through smell. I believe that is why the magi brought the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ child. The secrets of using the oils was taught in the Magi Mystery Schools of Egypt. Mary Magdalene was a student and graduate of these schools. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, to carry the name of Mary, you had to be an accomplished healer. Mary was a title meaning that you graduated from the magi school. This title meant that you knew how to use the oils to balance the electromagnetic field and activate the emerald green healing power. This is why Mary Magdalene is always pictured in emerald green.

    After the death of Christ, Mary moved to southern France. She arrived in France with two other Marys. Mary Jacobi, and Mary Salomi. These three sisters taught in a cave for 30 years at Mt. St. Balm. At the present time it is a Catholic church. I have been to the cave several times. While there, I began to understand how these sisters used the oils. Many of the tapestries in France picture Mary Magdalene and others in emerald green dress, with a gold diamond over their hearts. While standing in front of a statue of Mary Magdalene, I began to feel my heart spin. The top part of the diamond pointing up, spun clockwise and the bottom part of the diamond pointing down, spun counterclockwise. What I realized was that I was really creating the merkabah of the heart, and as I glanced down at my hands, which were held out in front of me, I visualized a green ball of fire. Emerald green is the balance point between infrared and ultraviolet. This is why the sisters were called the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire. And this is why Mary Magdalene is often pictured in emerald green.

    I believe that the gold that was brought to Jesus was the alchemical white powder of gold. At the present time, the planet is moving into the photon belt which will raise the hertzian level of the planet. It is speculated that the additional photons will drastically change the reality of the physical planet to one where particle energy will create a whole new reality. This is why the eclipses of November were so important. They activated the stargates.

    Humans will advance from having 2 strands of RNA/DNA to having twelve strands of RNA/DNA. We must be prepared physically and spiritually for this change. Understanding how to use the gifts of the Magi, (gold, frankincense and myrrh) will assist humanity in surviving through these changes. Smelling the oils is important.

    Some historians and astrologers are explaining that the planet goes through these changes every 13,000 years. This is why the Mayan calendar ends somewhere around 2012. This marks the time period when the Earth and the Sun will totally be in the Photon Belt. Some explain that it will take one thousand years to travel through the Photon Belt. During this time, humanity will be given the opportunity to become a Christed Being that has total free will. This will allow the human race to advance from a seven chakra physical being to a twelve chakra spiritual being. In fact, it is my belief that this is the true unfolding of the story that is told in the Bible.

    It is the components of the oils; aldehydes, esters, eugenol, flavonoids, ketones, phenyls, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes, that enter the nerves and stimulate the electrical particles in the nerves to raise the frequency. They are the particles that line up the tachyons so that mind over matter can be reached. The mind has the ability to transfer tachyons into a single space and supercharge an object and move it as desired. As the planet enters the Photon Belt, the frequency of the Earth will be raised so that the chakras open and the process of mind over matter will be a common practice on Earth. We must learn how to activate the amygdala gland and enter the frontal lobes.

    Sesquiterpenes, a component of Essential Oils, cross the blood-brain barrier and support the amygdala so that we can enter the frontal lobes and transcend time, space and matter. This is possibly one reason why frankincense, and myrrh were used by the ancient cultures to anoint the body.

    Essential Oils function in many ways on the body. Each flower or plant contains its own properties. Essential Oils contain all the healing nutrients, oxygenating molecules, amino acid precursors, coenzyme A-factors, trace amounts of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, etc., in a concentrated form when distilled properly.

    Essential oils contain all the secrets of preparing the body so that a person can enter the higher planes of consciousness. Understanding of frequency and how Essential Oils and the white powder of gold can be used to clear the electromagnetic field is a vital step in preparing for the upcoming Photon Belt. The Harmonic Concordance brings us the gift of the Magi. Oils are the Passport to Heaven.