A View of Sakkara

The following is excerpted from the book “Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man,” by Dean and Mary Hardy and Marjorie and Kenneth Killick. The complete book is available through this website. Click on the “DVDs and Books” tab to order.

THE TEMPLE OF SACRIFICE AND THE TEMPLE OF BEAUTY As you read this book you will find that much of our knowledge comes to us through memory. Of course many people will say this concept is not scientific and therefore mostly false! I would have to accept this as an honest criticism, except the pyramids make up an interplanetary-interdimensional communication system. We remember now, how to contact the teachers that have given the world this advanced technology. So the knowledge that comes from our memory is a more complete picture of the history and science of mankind as it evolved on the face of this Earth.

Modern scientific communities have developed theory after theory only to discover years later that these theories no longer fit the total picture as new data is revealed. Our sciences are growing fields that are constantly changing as new data is understood. Why not turn to the ANGELS and learn from them? Remember, the Father’s law is, “Ask and it shall be given.” The secret of the pyramids is that they make up the communication system that allows humanity the power of prayer. Without this system mankind could not communicate with the Father or the Angels.

Unfortunately, this communication system, created by a worldwide network of pyramids, gave humanity the technology that allowed the human race to totally destroy the civilization on the planet, knock it out of its orbit and blow away its atmosphere. Humanity has done this twice! The first advanced race was called the Lemurians. They carried on a war with PHALARIA, the fifth planet in our solar system, and blew it up. The destructive force also ended all life as it was known on this planet! The Lemurian leaders became so evil that they enslaved races from other galaxies, the red and the yellow races came to this planet at this time. Because the Earth’s atmosphere was blown away, much of the history about Lemuria was destroyed. All except for the memories lodged in the minds of those that remember bits and pieces of their past lives.

At the time of this great war, I, Mary, was a government courier. I was secretly carrying the knowledge the enemy needed to blow the planet up. Because I was tricked I allowed this knowledge to fall into the wrong hands. You see I remember this because of my guilt, not because of the great feats of wisdom that I helped bring to this planet. Kenneth has said many times, “As you become more aware, you become sadder because of man’s inhumanity to man.”

The second culture grew up on the face of the Earth and carried the name, Atlantis. It was here that the TEMPLE OF SACRIFICE and the TEMPLE OF BEAUTY were a reality. There was not just one temple, but each community had their own elders and temples, much the same as each community has its own church.

At this point in history, the land area that is now called the Nile Valley was located in the area of BIMINI, near the Bahamas. Isn’t it interesting that the archaeologists have pinpointed the major areas of Atlantian culture in Bimini, The Azores and Crete, which is close to the end of the Nile Valley? At one time these areas were connected, and made up the religious center of Atlantis. Here is where the main Temple of Beauty was located.

Again, when the humans in control allowed this civilization to be destroyed through meaningless ignorance, these landmasses were ripped apart and moved to a different location. The Earth had a repeat of the destructive force, the religious centers of Atlantis were separated into three areas, the planet tumbled in its orbit, throwing off its atmosphere and again destroying most of the life forms that existed on the planet Earth in the time of Atlantis.

After the destruction was over, a few of the remaining elders took the artifacts from the main temples and carried them to Sakkara where the Egyptians built their first pyramid, the stepped pyramid of King Zoser. History records that this marks a major turning point in-Egyptian architecture transition from the age of wood and brick to the age of stone. The secret of this transition in technology is very simple and explains why the pyramids were located in the Nile Valley.

The Temple of Beauty was the center of the communication system that allowed our planet, in the time of Atlantis, to send messages to the center of the universe. What history calls the Ark of Covenant was the main control panel for this communication system. This is what the elders brought to Sakkara, and why they built the New Temple of Beauty, the stepped pyramid of King Zoser.

This pyramid became the central communication device that allowed the Earth’s adepts to again talk to the White Brotherhood. The Temple of Beauty was the transmitting platform that allowed the White Brothers to come and go on this planet. In STAR TREK fashion the Brothers or Angels could be beamed down and appear here in physical form. These entities brought the knowledge and technology that created the pyramids. Without their help this technology would not have come to the Earth. Mankind cannot duplicate this technology today because the blocks were moved by levitation and the secret of tachion energy, Standing Columnar waves. The Egyptians were taught how to use the resonating magnetic force field, the Caduceus coil, and the viril rod. All these devices were manipulated by the temple dancers who literally made the large blocks float across the desert sand on a resonating field of music. However, the masters controlled these devices with their minds from the builder’s platforms. One platform doubled as the Temple of Beauty located at Sakkara, and the second was located half way between the quarry and the Great Pyramid complex and is known as the collapsed pyramid of Maidum. Both these pyramids were used to transmute entities from higher planes, as well as move the blocks.

The collapsed pyramid is an example of the power of a SCW when it is misused. Later in the history of Egypt as more human beings learned of the power of overcoming the physical bonds of life, a group known as the Amun priesthood called on Lucifer. When he attempted to enter and show his strength in egotistic human form, this reverse power caused the collapse of this structure. The Temples of Beauty can only be used when total love can be demonstrated. That is why the Temple of Sacrifice must be mastered before one can use the Temple of Beauty. The sacrifice in this Temple is a demonstration of functioning without ego. Before anyone can enter higher planes in the Father’s world he must sacrifice his egoistic human attitude.

The temple of Beauty must be a stepped pyramid so that a pulsed energy field can be generated. The Temples’ action was to provide a center for bodily materialization from other planes of consciousness.

There are many different models of this Temple on the face of this Earth. The general structure is a four sided stepped pyramid. On top there are four wells of different colored light with a fifth well of white light in the middle. Some models have the chamber built inside and some are built on top. The Temple of Beauty’s main function was to provide a chamber for body materialization from other planes of consciousness. The humans that graduated from the Temple of Beauty learned to transmute matter the way Jesus demonstrated. Jesus referred to this temple when he said, “in my Father’s house there are many chambers.” When we function in matter we move about in a physical body. However, we have the ability to transmute our body to light and function in other frequencies. Jesus said, “God is Light.” This Temple is a tool to help humanity find the way back to light. Dance and music is an intricate part of the preparation to achieve the altered state of consciousness necessary to enter a different frequency.

This is the final stage of initiation (the subjection of EGO). This temple is also known as the Temple of the Emerald Fire.

The Temple of Sacrifice is cone shaped. It also is known as the Temple of the Emerald Fire. This is the final stage of initiation (the subjection of ego). To use the Laws of Vibration successfully the student had to walk through the white light and maintain a balanced point of Emerald Green. To this day the initiation chamber of the Masonic Lodge is painted emerald green. Their initiation originated in the Temple of Sacrifice.

The Temple of Sacrifice at Sakkara was mostly underground, only the top part was visible. Usually the initiation area covers 3/4 of an acre and is located on a large cone. The emerald fire was between two obelisk-like towers. After the initiate learned to overcome the constant desire for self recognition he was given the opportunity to publicly demonstrate his desire to serve. If he could walk through the white light and maintain a balanced point of emerald green in his aura he had demonstrated that he had sacrificed his desire to show ego. Remember “fear” is self preservation, we must at all times contain our self preservation.

We can see similar structures with variations which are designed to compliment the local conditions. Such structures are found adjacent to cities, as it helped to bring a quality of life to all who wished to know how to serve. Living is giving! Those that learned to walk through the emerald fire learned to serve in the same manner as God our Father serves us.

In the summer of 1980, the Hardy family visited the Western States of the U.S. We were directed to drive by an old Temple of Sacrifice. It was a large cone with a whitish-green covering on it. At the time we did not realize what it was, but after our visit to Sakkara we now recognize and understand why we were directed to go on this trip. It just may be that there are active temples still on the face of this Earth. As stated before this temple’s purpose was to prepare the student to experience spiritual reality. After the Initiation in the Temple of Sacrifice, the student could enter the Temple of Beauty.

Because this old center had been moved from the original center of learning in the time of Atlantis, there were a few human adepts located in the area now called Egypt that understood the Laws of the Brotherhood. These learned humans knew how to contact and ask the Brothers for help. They prayed for the planet to be returned to a stable orbit and for a system to be built to maintain the physical growth on Earth. Little does humanity realize the value of this pyramid system that encircles the Earth. Without these structures the Earth could not have returned to the beautiful garden planet it almost is today. If the total technology of the Brothers were reestablished the deserts of the world would vanish and the hungry masses could be fed.

At this time it was necessary for the Brotherhood to stabilize the planet. So the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. It became the main Temple of Beauty, the communication center that allowed those few humans that remembered the past to communicate with the Brotherhood home in the center of the universe. The great computer system and control panel were placed in the Great Pyramid so the planet could be brought back to a stable orbit. After this was achieved the Great Pyramid was sealed. It was hoped that someday humanity would be ready to accept the responsibility of entering the spiritual plane. However, the Amun Priesthood tried to bring Lucifer to this planet and return it to total darkness. The decision was made to remove the capstone and to shut down this communication center by removing the casing stone. Several years later Moses was sent to retrieve the computer system and take it to the Temple of Solomon. Through Moses the planet was given another chance to understand the Father. This control panel and computer was known as the Ark of the Covenant.

Historians do not realize the true reasons why this complex was built. The adepts of Atlantis knew that the planet needed to be balanced. They went first to Sakkara and built a small Temple of Beauty. Because of their desire to help they asked the Brotherhood again to engineer the planet so that humanity could advance in knowledge and return to the Father. The Temple of Beauty was activated and an entity called IMHOTEP arrived on the face of the Earth. Historians have said that lmhotep was Thoth of Atlantis, better known as Hermes. It is this benevolent friend of humanity that designed these pyramid structures. He is responsible for bringing this technology to Earth. He, with his desire to help humanity return home to the Father, has actually re-established the apparatus that allows humanity to do this. The Earth, without its pyramid structures, would not be part of the communication system that is connected with the Brotherhood home, and without this system humanity could not talk to the Father.

Imhotep has played the roll of many different characters in history. He has been Mercury, Hercules, Quetzalcoall and a number of other entities that have been known to help mankind. However, this friendly little Angel, lmhotep, most of the time appears on Earth as a short, fat, being, in a monks robe. YODA, the STAR WARS figure that appeared in the movie THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, is a good double for lmhotep. Many of the people that come to the pyramid in Allegan have a memory of talking to a similar figure in their dreams. We, Dean and Mary, have learned to call him KAUHALAN. He is the teacher that appears in our pyramid most of the time. It is by listening to him and Kenneth that we are beginning to learn of the history of the world.

Imhotep was the designer of this pyramid complex; the builders were Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus. These entities are members of the ELDER race. They are not arch-angels like lmhotep; they are members of an advanced civilization that is dedicated to returning this planet to the Father. Through the education system incorporated within the Temples of Beauty and Sacrifice these three entities have learned to overcome matter. They have learned to manifest their own physical body.

    The Sphinx marked the entrance-way to the mystery schools that were housed in the pyramids. Cheops was the member of the Elder Race that came to this planet to make sure the complex was built. After its completion he demonstrated to the people the power of attaining the spiritual frequency of overcoming matter. That is why we chose him to be the cover picture. It is now time that humanity returns to the mysteries of the mind and learns the secrets of overcoming matter. The electromagnetic fields of the Earth are so balanced that all a person has to do is to go within and seek the help of the masters. They are here to show mankind that the mystery schools are still here on Earth.   

2     The Sphinx marked the entrance-way to the mystery schools that were housed in the pyramids. Cheops was the member of the Elder Race that came to this planet to make sure the complex was built. After its completion he demonstrated to the people the power of attaining the spiritual frequency of overcoming matter. That is why we chose him to be the cover picture. It is now time that humanity returns to the mysteries of the mind and learns the secrets of overcoming matter. The electromagnetic fields of the Earth are so balanced that all a person has to do is to go within and seek the help of the masters. They are here to show mankind that the mystery schools are still here on Earth.

Still enigmatic and beautiful despite the erosion of the centuries, the mystery called the Sphinx has puzzled humanity. Little do the experts realize that this statue of the Sphinx is Cheops. Since he was a member of the Elder Race he demonstrated his ability to change his body structure at will. It was Cheop’s way of reminding those individuals that learn to overcome matter, that they do not have to remain in the physical. If they desire they could enter the Temple of Beauty and return to the spiritual. These three entities along with others from the Elder Race of this planet have built beautiful cities, styled after the Brotherhood home. These cities are called the Thirty-two Cities of David. They have been built for those humans that wish to demonstrate the Laws of the Father, caring and sharing. If mankind wished to advance to the vibration of total Love they could enter the cloud Cities of David. But first they must pass the initiation, and enter the Temple of Sacrifice. The entrance to the Hall of Records and the School of Initiation was at the paws of the Sphinx. To enter, the individual must learn to pass through the Emerald Fire, better known in this day as being able to control the energies of the kundalini.

The Brotherhood could also use space ships, portable Temples of Beauty, to beam themselves down to the face of the Earth. Before we built the pyramids at Allegan we read the material from the Association for the Understanding of Man, AUM, located in Austin, Texas. We believe this organization is in contact with the White Brotherhood. They have been given many devices to re-establish initiation on Earth.

Ray Stanford, one of the founders of AUM claims to have been visited by the Brothers on several occasions. On one occasion, one of the Brothers appeared to a group of AUM members in human form and then reappeared to them in a ring of golden light. The reason the Brother appeared in a ring of golden light around the small group of AUM members was to help them balance their human auras. The statement, “By their works you shall know them,” is true! If they appear they, the Brothers or the Elder Race, will usually identify themselves in this manner. They will demonstrate their ability to change their physical form.

It is time humanity learned of this master race. They are not here to control us; they are here to help. These entities do not have to appear in or maintain a physical body. They can create their own body at will. They can appear as Cheops, half cat and half man. The Sphinx was left there to remind humanity that they also could become one with the master race and return home to the Father.

Jesus is a member of the White Brotherhood. That is why the virgin birth is a reality. These entities can create their own bodies. Many of them come and go-at will! We were told by a friend that there were over 90 different entities in our pyramid in Allegan during one of the seminars that was put on by Kenneth. It is time humanity learned to recognize this master race. There are many Brothers and Elders here to teach and rebuild the communication system! Learn to ask by going within and you will have the knowledge of the universe.

One time, when a group of friends were meditating in our pyramid, Dean asked if his third eye could be opened. Several of us could see lights conjugate around Dean. In a matter of seconds he felt a sharp pain in the middle of his forehead. When Dean left the pyramid he realized that he had omni-vision. He could see in back, under the ground and to all sides. At this point he began to panic! He realized that he was not ready to handle this gift, not only did he receive special vision but he could hear other people’s thoughts! About 15 minutes later a voice entered his head and asked him if he really desired this ability! His comment to the Brother was, “Please let me return to normal!” So this is why we say to people that come to use our pyramid, “Watch out what you ask for because you may get it and then not know what to do with it!” The master race is very kind to humanity. They will not give you something you are not ready for, even though you ask for it.

The Temple of Beauty was the entry point for many Brothers in the time of Egypt during the building of the Great Pyramids. In reality, when the Brothers came and went, it was not a sacrifice as we know it today. But because many of the human inhabitants that watched the Brothers come and go, did not understand this process of being transmitted from one time zone to another, felt that Brothers were sacrificed and gave up their life.

If we look into the dictionary today we will find that sacrifice means that someone is going to give up something of great value. And in most instances the assumption has been made that a sacrifice in a temple was that of giving life. An animal, a bird, or a human being has to give up their life. This is totally in error when we look at the Temple of Sacrifice. The Sacrifice in this temple was the initiation of the Emerald Green, a sacrifice of ego, which means to change one’s goals from, GIVE TO ME, into MAY I GIVE.

What we are looking at and what we would like you to visualize in your mind is a structure whose sole, simple purpose Is to contain the mechanism necessary to bring about the ability to give one thing and receive another. The Temples of Beauty and Sacrifice were principally built to enable visitors from other parts of creation to arrive on the face of this Earth and to be able to leave this Earth, and go back to their original abodes. To make this facility acceptable to the local human inhabitants of early Egypt, these people were taught that the word sacrifice meant in actual fact a happy place of giving. Certain individuals that had progressed in spiritual evolvement knew that there was nothing wrong in going along and being transmuted. Transmutation means that the individual is taken out of one form and recreated into another. Jesus at the time of his crucifixion knew that he could transmute his body so he allowed the Jewish Priesthood to put him to death in the physical. In the case of Jesus he had dedicated his whole teaching life to one of service. He had in fact passed through the Emerald Fire in the Temple of Sacrifice. At the time of his murder he knew about the ability to use the knowledge gained in the Temple of Beauty, which is the ability of transmutation. It was humanity’s ignorance that allowed this to happen. When will we understand the true reality of the Brotherhood and the gifts of the Father?

The Temple of the Emerald Fire at Sakkara was a flat topped conical building. Running up the sides of the cone were staircases. The building measured only about 150 feet in diameter at the base, really quite small! The diameter at the top was about 80 feet. In comparison, Sakkara’s Temple was much smaller than the one we saw out West last summer. However, you cannot go to Sakkara to see this temple; it is completely destroyed. The only thing that is left in the court of the Emerald Fire are two large “B” like structures marking the places where the initiates entered and exited.

    The Temple of Beauty’s name became confused with the Temple of Sacrifice’s name because the local inhabitants didn’t understand the meaning of transmutation. The mechanism in the Temple of Beauty simply transformed matter into the spiritual form of light. In the truest sense it was not a sacrifice but a transmutation. To prepare for this temple the initiate had to pass through the Temple of Sacrifice.

The Masters, Brothers, Angels, advanced teachers, etc., would walk into a lower section of the Temple. Here they would literally step into the silver core flame that was emitted from the center well. So they did in fact go through a total transmutation. These individuals would be beamed to a different frequency of light, and in this manner these entities knew of other planes of experience.

The teachers all knew and understood this knowledge. Jesus understood the process of transmutation and demonstrated it many times. He could change water into wine by taking it up to the spiritual frequency and bringing it back to the physical. This is why Jesus made the statement that He was Light! He understood the principles of tachion energy, pure light. By transmutation he could make himself manifest at any point in time and space.

Now this is not an unknown occurrence, it has happened before in recorded history. There are several instances on Earth when people have gone into spontaneous combustion. This in actual fact is a situation of transmutation. Usually this happens in the quiet of the home. This person has suddenly achieved the ability and the desire to return to the spiritual form so they burst into flame. Interestingly, only the area around the person is burned; the house, the furniture and the floor are left intact.

Another example of instant transmutation occurred when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The shapes and forms of people near the center of the blast were actually fused into the concrete and stones of the roads or buildings in the area. The body was totally vaporized, but the shape and form, the silhouette, was left on the rocks and pavements of these two cities.

Of course, there is the classical transmutation of the form of Jesus that was burned into his burial cloth. After his body was vaporized, his photographic silhouette was etched into the fibers of the now famous Shroud of Turin. This image is similar to the silhouettes that were burned into the concrete after the atomic bomb blast in the two Japanese cities.

History tells us that Jesus was crucified (murdered) and had given up the ghost. He was then laid in a tomb, partially embalmed and wrapped in a shroud. And yet, that shroud today is the basis of an enormous amount of scientific investigation. This burial cloth, “The Shroud of Turin,” has been given every test to prove that the photographic image of Jesus is really proof of his transmutation. The burial cloth is as old as Jesus and yet our scientific minds have tried to disprove this piece of evidence.

Kenneth has stated that this is a true example of how the image of a physical body is photographed at the time of transmutation, vaporization of the body into light. These scientists should look at the photographic images of the vaporized bodies in Hiroshima. There is the true proof of what happens when a body is turned into white light.

The Temple of Beauty was a place of happiness. Many times in Atlantis and later in Egypt, the local inhabitants would celebrate when the Brothers arrived and left. They would become so thrilled that a group of initiates were trained in dance and music to become a welcoming committee.

Because the Brothers taught perfect love they could be given no gifts of gold or expensive presents. Their only request was that humanity learned to care and share. So the gifts that were given were dance, music, and total demonstration of happiness. The old folk hymn, “I am the Lord of Dance said He.” is a song that tells of this truth.

I, Mary, have a remembrance from a past life in which I was taken to the Temple of Beauty at a young age. Only those that could pass through the Emerald Fire were accepted. Here I was trained in song and dance. I was taught the meaning of color, frequency and vibration. Here I was schooled in the knowledge of the Brotherhood.

The main purpose for the school was to train people to become a welcoming committee for the new teachers that arrived on the face of the Earth. Here also the young men were taught how to use the resonating force field of music that allowed the large blocks to be moved across the desert.

It has been my desire to remember and understand this knowledge. That is why I have done the research to write this book. I don’t have total memory so I ask Kenneth to help me understand the bits and pieces that I do remember. Because he is clairvoyant he can transcend time and relate the true history and science of the spiritual and physical worlds. Many times when I ask Kenneth a question he will give me only clues to understanding it. And the answer will not come until I take the time to go within. At this point I seem to understand more about my own destiny and purpose of life than I would have had, had I not taken the time to explore the unknown corners of my own mind. Humanity must remember that they are a part of the creator’s mind and that they have the total ability to understand creation in all its forms. The brain is a receiver that needs to be tuned. With this tuning to different frequencies the individual too can go into time and space the same as Kenneth does. The promise that Jesus gave humanity was, “These and greater things you can do also.”

In the Temple at Sakkara I was taught the knowledge of color. Here colors were used to help people overcome their physical and mental imbalances. The human aura is a SCW or mass of color. By inducing a balancing color on a resonating beam of light into the ill person’s aura, they could be healed or brought back to a healthy situation.

Dean and I have a friend by the name of Ed Sechrist who developed an elementary form of this aura machine. He did this by running a beam of light through a resonating chamber. This changes the magnetic field so it can alter the aura of the ill person.

Ed and Dean also have a remembrance of past lives. When they met for the first time there was an intense memory of having met before. One June day in 1980 Dean and Kenneth visited Ed at his home. Ed spent a large portion of the time trying to remember where he met Dean before. In the car after they left Ed’s home Kenneth asked Dean if he remembered where he had met Ed? Kenneth verified the fact that Dean and Ed had worked together during the time that the Great Pyramid was built. In fact, the resonating chambers that Ed now builds into the speaker systems that he sells, are duplicates of the chambers built into the smaller pyramid at Giza. This monument carries the name of Mycerinus and is the smaller of the three larger pyramids of Giza. From Mycerinus inner chambers came the musical frequencies that allowed the masters to build the two Great Pyramids: (Chephren and Cheops.

It was here that Ed learned the knowledge of resonance. Now he as duplicated this secret into a resonating chamber that will alter sound and light on the spiritual frequency. In other words, he can bombard light and sound into the aura and help a person create a balanced magnetic field around his body the same way the aura machines were used in the time of Atlantis.

Ed was the sound engineer that ran the equipment during the building of the Great Pyramid. He, with the Brother’s help, put together the system that floated the blocks overt the sand that built the Great Pyramids of Giza. And again, these two individuals have come together to help rebuild the system that is needed to balance our past lives. We have understood the knowledge in the past and through Kenneth’s help, we are beginning to understand this knowledge again. The Earth could be made into a very beautiful and peaceful place to live if humanity contacts the Brothers and shows a desire to stop all wars. When humanity learns to demonstrate the ability to care about the advancement of humanity into the SPIRITUAL WORLD. They will bring about the Second Coming of CHRIST.


In March of 1981, Dean and Mary made a special trip to Egypt. We traveled with the Atlantis Rising Group which took over 200 people to Egypt. Many of the people on this tour had journeyed to Egypt because they had been trained at Sakkara in the time of lmhotep. It was necessary at this time to return to this area because they realized that they must again help the Brotherhood. The journey to Egypt was a reawaking of old memories. The students of Sakkara had built the pyramid complex of Giza, and it is time now for these people to help re-establish the new pyramid complex that will advance this planet into a NEW AGE.

While we were in Egypt twelve people had an encounter with the Brotherhood at Sakkara. After listening to their experience, Dean and I are convinced that these people made contact with lmhotep, the famous builder and teacher of Sakkara. Their experience was not so much different from the experience the Hardy family had in 1968 (Read PYRAMID ENERGY EXPLAINED). At that time the Hardy’s met lmhotep and his Brotherhood friends. After this experience we had an unquenchable desire to build a pyramid.

Once an individual has an experience like this it becomes very important to understand the meaning of this encounter. In the movie, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A THIRD KIND, this theme was carried out. The main star that came in contact with the Brotherhood sacrificed everything-family, friends and position-to understand the meaning of this encounter.

After the experience the Hardy family had in 1968, the visitation of the Brotherhood continued. Almost every Sunday night for seven years the Brothers would come to the house and remind Dean that he volunteered to build a pyramid. Since we were not familiar with psychic experiences we often became frightened by these encounters. So finally we took a class in “mind control” and learned that we could talk to these entities. Often they would communicate with us by talking in our heads. The reason we had to take “mind control” was to learn to be quiet so that we could listen.

Slowly we began to communicate with these entities and we built our first pyramid. Ever since this time we have been guided by these friends. We are convinced that while we were in Egypt several people on the trip made contact with lmhotep and his friends. We have learned that we can communicate with these friends by going into our pyramid, which is an interdimensional-interplanetary communication device. It took us seven years to discover and understand the knowledge we needed to comprehend so that we could work with the Brotherhood. It is our hope that people that were on the trip and also others that have had a similar experience will learn to be guided by the Brothers the same as we were guided to build our pyramids.

Since many of the people that are contacted by the Brothers were trained at Sakkara, it is important to remember this place and to understand its meaning. That is why we are going to take you through a pictorial view of the ruins. We hope that our explanation will help some of you to remember, and in remembering, to understand the knowledge of tachion energy and the wisdom of how to communicate with the Brotherhood so that you, who are interested, will have the ability to bring this planet into the perfect harmony of universal Brotherly Love.

Most of the complex is in ruins! However, some of the area has been rebuilt. Sakkara was the temple designed to educate children and those of a pure heart. These students were taught the secrets of engineering and healing by the use of the mind. They were taught mind over matter by learning to control the different levels of vibration. This is why 1, Mary, call myself a temple dancer. I know I was trained at Sakkara. And the pictorial visit that you will take comes from my memory.

Not everybody that came near the complex felt welcome. All around the school was a wall. The purpose of this wall was to set up an electromagnetic field. There were really no restrictions on those who entered Sakkara. Most people that were not supposed to be there could not handle the energy that was generated by the wall because it magnified their own energy field. If they demonstrated ego, jealousy and insecurity they showed no interest in the place because the energy generated by the wall made them feel uncomfortable and insecure. Only the pure of heart felt welcome at Sakkara.

A high wall encircled the complex known as Sakkara. This wall was so constructed that it generated a wave of energy that also encircled the whole complex. This electrical field protected the complex. No one could enter unless they were invited.

Before the Brotherhood allowed anything to be built, they first neutralize the area. Their policy is to go quietly and softly and to show no signs of interference. Sakkara and the pyramid complex were built in this fashion. The blocks were moved, and the Brothers came and went, while most of the local inhabitants never understood or cared about what was going on.

Even though strange powers were being used, the local inhabitants never interfered with the progress of the building. They were told quietly in their sleep, when they themselves enter the spiritual world, that there was nothing to fear. Humanity has two sides. When we are conscious in the physical world; we are asleep in the spiritual world. At night while we sleep we enter the spiritual world. When we start to remember our dream reality we have begun to learn the process of overcoming matter.

The Brothers taught the local Egyptians that there was nothing to fear. Most of them had no desire to understand what was taking place. The building of the pyramids and Sakkara did not interfere with their lives, so they did not interfere with the construction of these Temples. They were told they were tombs and that satisfied them. However, they often watched and enjoyed the music and dance that was performed while the blocks were being moved. They could not understand the true meaning or value of these Temples so no purpose could be served by explaining to the local Egyptians that these monuments were needed to balance the Earth. This balancing would keep the planet from slipping out of its orbit and into total destruction.

We can better explain this, by the experiences we had in building our pyramids near Allegan. There are many people that live within a mile and do not even know these pyramids exist. We do not hide the fact they are there, but we do not advertise their existence either! We know that those individuals, who come to our door and ask about the pyramids, are ready to be told that they are interdimensional interplanetary communication centers. They should know they can be used to engineer the planet or used to teach humanity the secrets of the universe. Dean and I soon learned that it was not wise to talk about the pyramid unless we were asked. As long as our neighbors did not care what we were doing there was no need to explain the function of the pyramid and there was no need to try to hide the structure. We learned that the Brothers had explained the importance of the pyramid to our neighbors while they slept. They subconsciously knew that they had nothing to fear and that they were not to interfere. Those few people that could “not handle” the LOVE energy generated by the pyramid, suddenly had to move away. They did not realize it but they were being guided by the Brotherhood. This same situation will be true of the Earth. Soon the Earth will advance into a higher frequency. Those who prepare themselves will go with the evolutionary advancement; those who show resistance to change by demonstrating fear and ego will be forced to move to a different reality.

If you compare the remnants of Sakkara with Heliopolis-much more of Sakkara is standing. All that remains of Heliopolis is a lone, standing obelisk. This is because of Egypt’s history. Sakkara was built by the Atlantian Adepts so that the pyramids could by built. After this was completed it remained as a school. The tribe of Levi of the Jewish Nation were the individuals that brought this knowledge to the area. They knew of the secret order of Melchi-Zedek. It was decided by the Elder Race of this planet that David would return to Earth and teach the common people the wisdom of the order of Melchi-Zedek, the secret of overcoming matter, so they could populate the beautiful cities that are built on the higher dimensions of the Earth’s planes of consciousness. These cities are called the Cities of David and are located over the old centers of wisdom that were in existence on the face of the Earth in the time of Lemuria or Mu. There are 32 of these centers and they are set up like universities. Sakkara was a physical extension of one of these schools. Its purpose was to teach control of the mind through love. So King David of the BIBLE, who is a member of the Elder Race, arrived in a physical body on Earth. His plan was to move the school of Sakkara to his new city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem meaning a place for the new Salem to be built. Salem was where the order of Melchi-Zedek came from. I do not believe it is located on this plane of consciousness. Here he was to re-establish the wisdom of overcoming matter and to build a new Temple of Beauty. It was to be a new communication link between Earth and the higher planes. However, David became involved with another woman and committed adultery. Because of this the task of building the temple was passed on to his son, Solomon. Solomon established a beautiful kingdom and married the sister of the Queen of Egypt. Hatshepsut was the powerful Queen of Egypt at this time. She understood her role in history. To most historians she is known as the Queen of Sheba. Hatshepsut moved the adepts of Sakkara and the famous device known as the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. (While I was in Egypt I had two memory recalls of this event. Twice I saw the camel caravans lined up with the treasures of Egypt ready to make the long journey to Jerusalem). However, Solomon dedicated the Temple in Jerusalem to his own glory. He refused to follow the design of the Brotherhood. They asked him to build a simple school which would demonstrate humility. When ego steps in, it is self destructive. The school was never fully activated and had to be moved back to Egypt before the evil forces took control of this powerful communication system. This set the stage for the drama to return to Egypt. Here the struggle between the evil forces, the Amun Priesthood and the Brothers, took place. This struggle continued until Moses was instructed to again move the powerful Ark back to Jerusalem. This history does not follow the recorded history of the BIBLE. However, if historians place the Queen of Sheba where she belongs, Solomon lived 200 years before Moses.

To counteract the powerful force of the Amun Priesthood, the Brothers sent Akhnaton and Nefertite, two members of the master race. Akhnaton came to teach of the One Supreme God, Aton. It was with his guidance that the mystery schools were re-established. To accomplish this he built a holy city which he called Akhetaton, “The Horizon of the Disc.” He also established a new training center at Heliopolis. These two places became the new schools of mystery and the adepts were moved to these training centers. So when the Brother’s plan failed and the evil priesthood took over, Sakkara was no longer a major center and escaped the total destruction the Amun Priesthood directed towards the new centers.

The Temple of Beauty at Maidum was destroyed when the SCW collapsed on it. A human should not try to use this energy until complete love can be demonstrated or the energy will turn on the individual and bring about a destructive force.
The charred chamber inside the pyramid of Maidum shows the power of this destructive force.

When the Amun Priesthood became victorious, they tried to murder Akhnaton and substitute Lucifer in his place. The Step Pyramid of Maidum was the Temple of Beauty the Amun Priesthood used in their attempt to bring Lucifer to the Earth. As stated before this attempt brought about the destruction of the pyramid and stopped Lucifer from entering this plane. To use the Temple of Beauty the priesthood would have had to maintain total love and harmony. Because of their position they demonstrated EGO. Their plan was to use the pyramid communication complex to develop a center that would control the whole solar system. The Great Pyramid Complex was built to balance the electromagnetic fields of this planet. Few people realize that the whole solar system could have been controlled from this complex, because the Earth could be controlled. With Lucifer as the leader, this complex would not have been a center of love but a center of power to bring destruction and death to this planet.

Akhnaton, being of the master race could not be killed. He and Nefertite set the plans in action to totally destroy this communication system so it could never be used again. He secretly had the Temples of Beauty and Sacrifice dismantled at both Sakkara and the Great Pyramid Complex. This is why the Capstone and casing stones on the Great Pyramids have been removed. Akhanton and Nefertite destroyed all the secret knowledge and placed the young prince, Tutankhamun, on the throne as the new Pharaoh. The Amun Priesthood did not realize that the young Tutankhamun was a medium and could channel the instruction of the Brothers to those few followers of Aton that were left in power.

After Akhnaton and Nefertite destroyed all the secret knowledge they entered the Great Pyramid, placed the plugs in the ascending passageway and transmuted themselves to the Brotherhood home. To this day, one of the unsolved mysteries of the Great Pyramid has been the story relating to these plugs. The only way these plugs could have been placed is from the inside. Many feel that there is a hidden chamber where the bodies of the individuals that placed the plugs will be found. Little do they realize that the King’s Chamber was designed to transmute individuals to higher planes. So you can see why it was necessary for the Brothers to remove the key casing stones and Capstone. This great communication complex and mystery school had to be shut down. Because the evil Amun Priesthood gained control, the people of Egypt could not be trusted with this wisdom.

Akhnaton and Nefertite transmuted themselves after Moses had taken all the followers of Aton, those who worshiped One God, and the secret records out of Egypt. These two beloved souls brought the knowledge of the One Supreme God and served on Earth for over 400 years. Their followers, many of whom were trained at Sakkara, gave rise to the belief of the One God and formed the secret societies that trained people in the mysteries. The Essenes, the Coptics, and Rosicrucians and the Theosophical Societies are all organizations formed during this time.

The true Temples of Beauty are usually built like King Zoser’s Pyramid, the Step Pyramid of Sakkara. Historians have often wondered why there are five small chambers above the King’s Chamber. This was designed into the pyramid so that energy in the King’s Chamber would be similar to the energy patterns of the Step Pyramid. These chambers give a pulsing effect to the energy field. If an entity needed to transmute himself a great distance the energy field would have to be pulsing. Little do the historians of today realize the great power that was designed into this complex. It was necessary to build this complex to rebalance the whole solar system. It could have been used to control the whole solar system. After the evil priesthood gained control of the Egyptians it was necessary to totally shut down this pyramid complex.

In the years that followed the Amun Priesthood destroyed the holy city of Akhetaton (Tell-el-Amarna, as it is known to the modern world). This evil priesthood also took control of the learning center at Heliopolis. There was no attempt to totally destroy Sakkara in the fashion the Amun Priesthood took over and remade these two newer centers of learning. So today Sakkara remains as a museum to the knowledge of wisdom of the Emerald Fire. It is a place where the students that once trained there can return and experience the beauty and wisdom that was once taught there.

To walk through the entrance of Sakkara is an experience of being reborn. In fact the patterns of the columns that make up the entrance way is an exact duplication of the DNA molecule. The significance of the entrance was a statement to all those that entered that they too could be reborn into the planes of higher consciousness.

The doorway to Sakkara was never closed. But there was always a mental barrier to those that were not ready to join the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Emerald Fire. This is why the corridor was such a long walk. However, if the individual was pure of heart the energy field generated by the columns would levitate them through the long entrance. If there was fear, insecurity or jealousy in the hearts of those that wished to enter, their own anguish would be magnified and they could not enter.

This energy field magnifies the person’s aura. The limitation factor was placed on the individual by themselves. They refused to let themselves enter; the same way humanity refuses to accept the responsibility of their own Christ-self.

This doorway was the only opening to the Sakkara complex. If the individual was to enter he or she must overcome all fear and insecurity. The individual who could not control his feelings could not enter.
To achieve the ability to exit into the court of the Emerald Fire the individual must walk through this long corridor of columns. To enter this complex was an initiation in itself. Only the pure of heart could enter.

    Many secret societies have referred to a Guardian of the Gate. At Sakkara or any other center where the individual has the opportunity to pass into higher planes, there is an entity that will guide the beginner. This entity carries the Caduceus. This special rod is a device that will measure the light balance of an individual’s aura. This light coil, like a Tesla Coil, could be used to raise or lower the frequency of a person’s electrical field. In this way they would enter higher planes of consciousness. Usually a beginner needs a guide and this was the true purpose of the Guardian of the Gate. He did not allow beginners to enter frequencies where they did not belong. I will use the analogy of a baby visiting a high school. With a parent or a guide the baby is allowed to experience this, but if this child was on his own, he would be out of place. He could only become frightened and confused, and in the end it would do him more damage than good. On a rare occasion the Guardian of the Gate would use his Caduceus to expel an unwanted person.

The students of Sakkara were also taught to use these special tools, the Caduceus and the Viril Rod. Their education was a training in learning to control vibration. The purpose of this training was to allow the students the opportunity to develop their Christ-self. In the BIBLE King David makes the statement, “My rod and my staff they comfort me.” He is referring to the Caduceus and the Viril Rod.

Hanging on the wall near the entrance of Sakkara is a diagram of the complex. This diagram was drawn by the people that are restoring Sakkara. As I looked at the diagram it brought back memories of the place as it once was. This complex had dormitories, kitchen facilities, classrooms where vibration was taught, three wells with rejecting pools, the Temples of Beauty and Sacrifice, plus many open courts where the dancing and festivals were carried on. Sakkara is a place that holds the vibration of home for me. As I walked the area and listened to the many different Egyptologists tell their version of the history of this sacred place. I realized how little humanity knows of its true history. The true knowledge of the past is really hidden from mankind. All historians have had to reveal the story of the past in bits and pieces of reality. They do not always put them together in the right order. Again I learned that it is much better to go within and ask to have your third eye opened so you can see the true reality of the past.

These two pillars once stood on the top of the Temple of Sacrifice. If the candidate could walk through the light generated by these pillars he or she could enter the Temple of Beauty. The electrical devices in all the temples of Sakkara have been removed. Only the stone models are left to remind the individual of the past importance of this place.

After listening to the historians for awhile I decided to go on my own exploring tour. I first wanted to find the temple of Sacrifice, this was my most vivid memory of Sakkara. When I entered the court of the Emerald Fire I saw the old Temple standing in the middle. Of course in modern times there is very little left of this Temple, just a pile of rubble where the entrance and exits used to be. The Temple of the Emerald Fire was where the student demonstrated his or her desire to serve the Father. Once an individual walked through this temple he sacrificed all his ego. He demonstrated that he could maintain a balanced point in his aura, which is an Emerald Green. After the student had accomplished this he was ready to study in the Temple of Beauty.

The white stones in a circle shows where the exit point from the Temple of Sacrifice was located.

Dean took a picture of John, our son, and myself standing by the rubble of the exit marker of the Temple of Sacrifice. To our back is a beautiful picture of the Temple of Beauty. At the top of this pyramid is the platform where the Brothers and members of the Elder Race materialized. These entities that came from other planes were the teachers of Sakkara. There were so many, that the majority of the names were never recorded. To our left was the school of vibration and to our right were the dormitories.

This picture shows where the sacred pool once stood. The students were taught to levitate over this pool.

Along the walls of this school were placed these tuning devices. Here the students could learn to change their aura by sound and color.

The school of vibration was unlike any other school. The students were taught to use their minds to control matter. At the base of the school was a sacred pool of water. Here we were taught to levitate over the water by controlling our vibrations. We were also taught to change the colors of our aura by sound and music. The students were given their own Caduceus Coil and Viril Rod. We had to master the control of these tools. With these tools we learned to move the large blocks that built the Great Pyramid Complex, Solomon’s Temple and several other splendid monuments in the Valley of the Kings.

Each chamber in this school was tuned to a different frequency. By entering the different rooms you could feel the different vibrational level. Here the student was taught to control the different levels of vibration.


These steps allowed the individual to levitate from one frequency to another. The school of vibration was set up to teach the student the mysteries of overcoming matter. This is done by learning to control the electromagnetic frequencies of the brain.

By the school of vibration was the well that was used to flood the sacred pool and to take care of the kitchen needs. Sakkara was a beautiful place with fountains and pools.

Behind the Step Pyramid was the entrance way into the initiation chamber under the Temple of Beauty. It was here that the student learned to totally change his body form. He was taught the secret of transmutation. Many students learned to change their vibrations so they could enter the beautiful cities of the Elder Race. Very few students were allowed to go to the center of the universe where the Brotherhood Home is located. This is a little like a baby going to high school. We can go there to visit, but we are not developed to the point of calling it home.

After the student demonstrated his ability to control his aura by walking through the Temple of Sacrifice he was ready to enter the Temple of Beauty. This is the entrance way. Only those that could maintain an Emerald Green in their electromagnetic field could enter.

After the student demonstrated his ability to control his aura by walking through the Temple of Sacrifice he was ready to enter the Temple of Beauty. This is the entrance way. Only those that could maintain an Emerald Green in their electromagnetic field could enter.

To the back of this was another beautiful court. In front of this stood the choir director’s podium. When the Brothers came and left the students would place themselves in the niches of the wall. They would start a resonancing frequency by humming. This would bring the Brothers in from higher planes. Every time an entity came and left, the Temple Dancers would line the wall and perform the ceremony.

The wall at this point is no longer here. At one time it encircled this whole complex. The wall was used to generate an electrical field. This wall could activate the Temple of Beauty and bring in the teachers from the higher planes. The choir director’s podium was where a master stood and directed the students in a song that set up the vibrations to activate the whole complex.


Each niche or bay is where a student stood. Here they could add in tuns their own vibrations to the common cause. In this way they could tune their vibrations to one another. The blocks were moved by the ability of the students to channel the mind vibration of the masters.

This wall completely surrounded the complex at Sakkara. This ceremony was not to be seen by the average citizen of Egypt. Only those that could control their own energy field could be involved. If a negative vibration was demonstrated the whole complex could have been blown apart like the Step Pyramid of Maidum. The energy of the mind is a very powerful force. The Law of creation is: if you learn to demonstrate love you become the creator, if you learn to demonstrate fear or hate you bring about your own destruction. This Law operates in all of creation. It allows for the protection of the innocent. The operation of this Law stopped the entrance of Lucifer onto the Earth plane.

While we were in Egypt twelve people had an experience at Sakkara. They were standing in a circle on the choir director’s podium. They lost a period of time and they talked to the Brothers. This was similar to the encounter the Hardy family had with the Brotherhood. It took us seven years to understand this experience and then we built our first pyramid, with the Brother’s help. They are here to help those that wish to learn to overcome the physical reality that separates humanity from the Father. I know there are many people that have had a similar encounter. It is important that the individual understands the meaning of this encounter. Many of us have come to this time period to help the Brothers bring this planet back to an understanding of total harmony. Understanding this is the importance of our visit to Sakkara. Again, we were told that we are not alone. Our Elder Brothers are extending their wisdom to help us return home to the reality of the spiritual world.

Excerpted from the book “Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man,” by Dean and Mary Hardy and Marjorie and Kenneth Killick. The complete book is available through this website. The complete book is available through this website. Click on the “DVDs and Books” tab to order.