The Knights Templar

– a rough draft
by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

June 30, 1998

First rough draft. Please ignore poor spelling and grammar. This is only an outline.

    This book is the story of how I learned to help reengineer the grid so that humanity can return to light. This is a story about my experiences with the Knights Templar. Most of this history was revealed while I was touring in France in the summers of 1996, 1997, and 1998. Here I met a group of Knights (in the etheric) that started teaching me about the mysteries of realigning the grid so that humanity could advance into a higher consciousness. They taught me this simple fact, “Whomever controls the grid controls the consciousness of humanity.”

In this book I hope to help you, the reader, understand what I learned through my experiences and other peoples experiences that were there at the time these mysteries were revealed. (I am sending letters to many of you to ask if I may use your names or have you write your own experiences and interpretations, so that I can include them in this story.) There are many legends about the Knights. Their true history and purpose has never been revealed. This band of fighting men built many of the churches and cathedrals in Europe. These temples were placed on ley lines and used to resonate the grid so that the spirit of their etheric bodies could be balanced and developed into a higher frequency. The Knights true mission was alchemy. Not just the process of changing lead into gold, but the noble attempt to change gross man into a Christed being. One that could travel the stars and be free from the physical body.

From my past life experiences, I know that I was there in France in 1307 when the main leaders of the Knights were captured and the group was disbanded. I was part of a secret plot to escape with the Knights treasure. I knew that it was loaded onto five vessels that sailed to the North American continent. These treasures were the secret documents and instruments that the Knights found in Jerusalem. These treasures were the secrets of Solomon’s Temple. The Knights purpose was to build temples all over the European continent to emulate this secret knowledge. With this knowledge, the grid of Mother Earth could be manipulated and balanced. Remember, who ever controls the grid controls the consciousness of humanity. The Catholic pope and the king of France wanted to steal this knowledge for their own benefit. But secretly, the Knights learned of this plot, so the leaders sacrificed themselves so that the treasure could be saved. They knew of no safe place to take the treasure, so they sailed with it to a land unknown to the pope and the king, the North American continent.

While in the North American continent, the Knights mingled with the natives and altered the history of this planet. Around 1325, many tribes in the southwest part of North America disappeared. My past life remembrances will give you new insight into this history, and will give you an understanding of the true meaning of using your higher self to reengineer the grid.

Alchemy as a science is not understood on this planet. To achieve the mission of the Knights Templar, one has to know the history of Mother Earth. The truth is Earth is an experiment. Its inhabitants are genetic combinations of many different star systems. Earth is also the eighth sister of the Pleiadian constellation. We revolve around the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone. The genetic coding of the human race is made up of twenty-two different star systems. It was decided about 59 thousand years ago that if the inhabitants of the Earth could become conscious of their genetic ties, then peace would come to the galaxy. So 144,000 individualized souls from Alcyone boarded twelve mother ships of light, to come to Earth to complete this experiment. Each ship consisted of 1,000 smaller beam ships. Each one of which was occupied by twelve individuals that collectively sustained the Christed field so that humanity could unite the genetic coding and take the galaxy into a higher frequency. I believe this is the true meaning of the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation. This is also the secret of the Knights Templar. They have now embodied themselves in etheric form to assist anyone who wants to understand this noble cause and become part of the answer of putting the pieces together and realigning the genetic coding of humanity, so that peace can come to the galaxy.

You may ask “how do you know this?” I live in a very strange reality. In 1968, my family, husband Dean, and our two sons, Mark and John, lost several hours. At that time we met with the Arcterians. The Arcterians comprised themselves of the eighth root race of mother Gaia. They are also the beings from the twelve light ships that traveled from Alcyone. The main individual that became our teacher was Kuthumi. He was also John the Beloved and author of Revelation. The story that I want to tell you is about my experiences over the past 30 years since we were told by Kuthumi to build a pyramid. We succeeded in building a large pyramid in our back yard in 1975. Since that time I have spent a large portion of my life understanding the science of pyramids, obelisks, standing columnar waves (SCW), and their energy fields. I have written a book on pyramid energy so that I could help other people understand this science. This information has become the center of my life, and I am being guided to help others understand the importance of the 144,000 that came to the planet to help heal the differences within the galaxy. In these 30 years, I have struggled with learning to understand this mission. But I know within my heart, that if we succeed, humanity will be able to become advanced beings of light and be equal with their brothers and sisters of higher dimensions.

The action of a pyramid is a vortex. When a person is pure of heart, they become a balanced vortex, and when 144,000 of us achieve the ability, through love, to become a total balanced SCW of light, the planet will become the eighth star in the Pleiades. Humanity will move into complete control of the consciousness of the planet, and no Earth changes or severe disruptions will happen. When the 144,000 learn how to use this knowledge, the planet will sing with light, and humanity will balance its consciousness. At this time, humanity will learn of its true history, and can take the giant step into consciousness, or loose themselves in darkness. If Mother Earth (Gaia), can birth a consciousness of love into the genetic code of humanity, the rest of the Pleiadian system will understand the importance of peace. Earth is the experiment of the combination of 22 different star systems genetically coded into its human form. Peace can come to the galaxy when the humans can create a balance in their genetic code.

The time is of utmost importance. As our solar system travels through the greater cycle of a solar year, it revolves around the central sun of Alcyone every 26,000 years. And every half cycle we travel into the Photon Belt. (For further clarification of this, please read Barbara Hand Clow’s book, The Pleiadian Agenda.) Because of the higher vibrational structure of the photon belt, any substance that is out of alignment while we travel through this Photon Belt with Divine Law will self destruct. This means that people who do not have control of their thought forms and have not completely balanced their first four bodies, which are physical, astral, emotional, and mental, will be energetically excited in such a way that they will collapse their energy field upon themselves and be dissolved. However, if the conscious level of love and light is maintained, the material transmutation into higher dimensional forms will be achieved by individuals who have dedicated themselves to become part of the answer to help Mother Earth travel through the Photon belt.

Outline Of Chapters

Chapter 1- This spring I met a man named Ken Cousens, who explained to me the development of the nine root races. Ken has written a book called The Doorway to Alcyone, which is where I paraphrased most of the material on the nine root races and the importance of the central Sun, Alcyone. He awakened my memory of the twelve mother ships that came from the central sun of the Pleiades and helped me understand the role of the 144,000.

If one is to understand the importance of the nine root races, they must first understand their development. Ruldolph Steiner has outlined the first five root races. Steiner lived at the time of Hitler and was clairvoyant. He often observed the development of Hitler clairvoyantly expressing the power of the polarity of the anti-Christ and the Christ consciousness. Many feel that Steiner was the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness. A good book to read about this is the Sphere of Destiny, (***look up author***) by a Colonel in the British army.

Rudolph Steiner explained the first root race as being the Ploareans, or the Paugeaus. For the 144,000 to tie in to the genetic coding of the human on Earth, they first had to develope the first root race. They did this by developing the etheric bodies. They did this by balancing the polarities of the electromagnetic field, thus in their development, they created a schism between good and evil, or perfect or imperfect Polarity.

The second root race, the Hyperboreans, comes from the word “north pole,”, or aroraboriealis, meaning color. To create the physical body from the etheric body, the humans used the energy of the north pole. That is why you have the majority of the population and land mass in the northern hemisphere. The creation of the physical body was the use of the (Phythageron) solids which explains the use of the geometric solids. (**More to follow)

The Lemurians represent the female embodiment and are the feminine aspect of the third root race.

The Atlanteans represent the male focus and represent the fourth root race. It is recorded in history that the Atlanteans were always fighting with the Lemurians. One can look at this as a metaphor as the male trying to dominate the female aspect of the race.

We are now completing the fifth root race, the Aryan, whose function has been to integrate the four Earth based systems with the universal whole. The Aryan race’s true function was to be the light bearers carrying the Earth races into universal integration of energies, species, genetics, and so forth. Instead due to the distortion in the planetary system, human consciousness as well as other distortions in the Universal system, the Light Bearer played a distorted role by attempting to dominate and control the Light. The Aryan race was intended to blend the integrated Earth matrix (four-fold dynamic) with Universal energies, but instead attempted to control the Love and the Light and to own it.

The Hebrew race came to Earth during the Atlantean period with the gift of a specific genetic code to receive, integrate, and uplift the Light through the vehicle of the Christ body. This was a gift for the entire human race, not just for a chosen few. But the Aryans, originally intended to confer the gift of the Light Bearer, instead followed the distorted path of becoming the Light dominator. The Hebrew race then polarized away from its original intended purpose as the carrier of the Light and became egocentric in its attitude as the “chosen people.” In the last two thousand years these two aspects of the collective whole have played the roles of this progressively polarized energetic, culminating in the extremes witnessed during the Second World War. This schism can also be seen in early Biblical stories such as the killing of brother by brother (Cain and Abel) and the separating of two brothers to become bitter enemies (Ishmael and Isaac, Arab against Jew). An interesting adjunct to this historical point is that the fifth subrace of the Atlanteans were the Semites and their principle role in evolution was the development of critical thinking (the Atlanteans as a whole developed the mental body). The mastery thus gained was focused on the mineral kingdom, and the schism of brother with brother then was held in the planetary matrix by this kingdom until it could be pictured, manifested, and then healed. The Semitic races then began their long historical path of patriarchal control and fraticide until its final resolution in the last fifty years. While the mineral kingdom held the resonant energetic of dominance and abuse of power until this could be transmuted and healed in the last twelve years.

This is why the Atlantean period ended with the destruction of the continents. The breaking apart and the cleansing at the end of the time period in the Photon Belt. As we pass through the Photon Belt, the same pattern of destruction will happen unless the 144,000 develops the ability to control their own consciousness, spin their electromagnetic fields in the form of the (Merkabah), and hold the grid together so the collective consciousness of the planet can progress into the hundredth monkey syndrome. The Mayan calendar ends in the year 2012. This marks the passing of the Earth through the Photon belt. The next few years will emphasize the importance of people understanding the process of controlling their electromagnetic field and putting together the shattered pieces of consciousness so that the planet can advance into Light.

The sixth root race, the Borealeans, Borealis means Light in color. Jesus represents the first soul to come into the sixth root race. His statement “I am the way” did not mean that you had to follow Him, it simply indicated that you developed your higher consciousness and integrated your five lower root races.

The seventh root race, the Corpureans, Sangraie, Saug = blood, Raie = royal. Once you have integrated your six root races, you have the ability to spin the blood in such a way as to crate a vortex that can control the grid of Mother Earth. The true meaning of developing the (merkabah). Because our newborns are coming in with this ability to control their own electromagnetic field, those that wish to control the Earth are creating all kinds of vaccinations which control the magnetic particles in the red corpuscles of the blood and distort the ability of people developing their Christed selves. This is why the essential oils are so important. They are the blood of a plant and control the electromagnetic matrix of the spin factor of the Earth and can realign the red blood corpuscles into the magnetic field that is necessary to free humanity from this hideous control.

The eighth root race, the Octerians, are individuals that are here to guide the 144,000 into the realization of developing their roots so that they can control the electromagnetic field and bring about a genetic bonding of the 22 different star systems that are genetically encoded in the human. This is an experiment. And it must be completed by the year 2012, because the energy from the Photon Belt is necessary for humanity to integrate this genetic coding.

The ninth root race is the completion of this experiment.

Chapter 2 – In 1968 my family was picked up by the Octerians and asked to learn how to engineer the grid. This chapter will explain what I have learned in the past 30 years about how to balance the crystalline grid structure of Mother Earth. Basically how to set up Medicine wheels and manipulate the SCWs so that actual engineering of the grid can be achieved.

1. Holy Grid, Holy Grail. Whoever controls the grid, controls the consciousness of humanity. If the 144,000 are to take the planet into light, then they must know how to manipulate the ley lines of the planet to bring peace and harmony into Mother Earth.

2. An explanation of Stonehenge and how it is the main control panel to control the grid system.

Chapter 3 – The Understanding of how essential oils can be used to recreate the spin in the blood so the merkabah can be developed.

1. The FDA is approving foods that are genetically altered. Example, the milk hormone used to stimulate milk production in cows changes the RNA and DNA coding in our food supply. They are also doing this with tomatoes, and other food products to increase, so to say, food production. In fact, what these foods do is alter OUR genetic coding and is a malicious attempt to control humanity.

2. The FDA is also working on drugs that alter the RNA/DNA coding. They are genetically trying to find a drug that will change the RNA/DNA coding in Diabetics and other major life threatening disease so that this will wipe out the disease. I feel that the real research that is being done is to alter the RNA/DNA coding in humanity so they can be controlled.

3. Teaching of the understanding of the limbic system and the amygdala gland so that people know how to integrate their electromagnetic field through the use of oils. Aromatherapy stimulates the spin factor within the limbic system so that the etheric, astral, emotional mental and physical bodies can be balanced.

Chapter 4 – The first two trips to France in the spring of 1996 and 1997.

    1. The reason for Mary first going to France was that she remembered a lifetime there around the early Thirteen hundreds where she raised the Knights Templars horses in an area called the Languedoc. After the capture of the Knights Templar in 1307 she released the horses in the swampland known as the Camargue. These became the wild horses of this area.

    2. The history of meeting with the Knights Templar and the actual appearance of the fifteen Knights that became my companions so that I could better work with the grid.

3. The story of how Pat and Richard and I started talking to the Knights on the second trip so that we could understand how the gridlines at Rennes-le-Chateau worked.

4. The Knights explaining to us that the parish priest, Sonais, was paid by the Hapsburg’s to realign the grid so that the New World Order could start their malicious control of preventing humanity from overcoming matter and advancing into the star systems.

5. How the group was guided at David Icke’s talk to dance all afternoon around Toby’s Medicine Wheel and learn to work with the grid so that the Knights could regain control of the ley lines at Rennes-le-Chateau.

6. The trip to Montserrat and the honorary anointing by Lord Michael.

Chapter 5 – I had to return to France in 1998 because the people who are trying to control the grid did two terrible acts at Rennes-le-Chateau: 1. They changed the bell tower and the bell in the church to control the grid. 2. They removed a Templar stone that was part of the altar stone of Solomon’s Temple and an initiary stone of the Knights Templar. This stone can retune the grid, and in the wrong hands can be part of the control system that prevents humanity from going into the light.

1. I travelled to France with Elias DeMohan’s group which were guided by the Octerians to go to Toby’s garden and replace the essence of the stone so that the etheric Knights had domain over Rennes-le-Chateau.

2. The story leading up to the exercise in Toby’s garden.
A. Meeting the spiritual being at Mary’s cave in St. Maximus – I believe this to be John. Proof that he was there was that the tape recorder did not record Elias’ voice because each message was different to the individuals at the channeling.
B. The meeting of Jacques De Melay at Avignon and how he personally asked everyone to assist in the reengineering of the grid. Two people Del and Johnny Walker also felt Jacques De Molay’s presence.
C. The placing of the stone in the garden and the cooperation of the twenty people to do this exercise.

D. Del’s experience with the Knights at St. Michael’s church in Carcassonne.

E. Bringing the stone to (Chart) cathedral and placing it in the labyrinth.

F. The role we all had in balancing the grid and the importance of each of us understanding this process so that we can activate this knowledge in future experiences.

Chapter 6 – How the engineering continued on with the eight people that returned to Rennes-le-Chateau.

1. Creating the vortex at the church of St. (Sulpice) in Paris.

2. Returning the essence of the stone to La Val Dieu, the place that the original stone was taken from, and the exercise that was performed at this time. Mavis and others saw the presence of Lord Michael and were pleased to be part of this engineering.

3. The importance of the small group at Rennes-le-Chateau that are interested in learning to be the caretakers of the etheric stone that has been returned and a working knowledge of what it means to change the bell so that they can be aware of further attempts by the powers that wish to control humanity to reengineer the sacred spot.

4. The meditation at La Val Dieu when friends of Bridgette’s saw a Knight with his foot on a stone while we were doing the meditation. This means that the essence of the stone was placed in many places so that there are many caretakers. And this power of this grid controlling device can be used with the Knights by anybody involved with balancing the grid for the betterment of humanity.

Chapter 7 – The trip to Port Vendres, Collioure, and Montserrat. How the group was honored for their whole trip of engineering at Montserrat.

1. Louie the 16th placed an obelisk at Port Vendres. This obelisk was connected to all the chateaus that he built in France. Its purpose was to bring the love and beauty of Venus into his court.

2. The powers that wish to control the grid built a hideous pyramid on the autoband, twenty kilometers away at the border of France and Spain. This pyramid was designed to control the energy of the (Pyrenes mountains) so that they could run the gigantic computer in Barcelona and control the grid to control humanity.

3. It was our job to collapse the SCW over the pyramid and fill it with love and light so that mankind could benefit from this control device. It was also important to connect the obelisk with other systems that the Hardy’s had created and instruments that the Knights had developed in the area of Rennes-le-Chateau.

4. After this was completed, on Friday June 12, the four remaining individuals, Dorianna, Candice, Robyn, and Mary (myself) went to Montserrat to be honored for the work that this group had done.

A. On our way to Montserrat, many clouds appeared that most of us would call spaceships. In fact, the sky was full of long cigar shaped, linear clouds, that were the ships of the Octerians, thanking the group for the work that they had done.

B. Candice, Dorianna and myself sat in Lord Michael’s chapel behind the black Madonna and sent peace and love to the computer at Barcelona. We also grounded the energy of the stone in the chapel. Lord Michael again honored us. When we left Montserrat, the clouds were full of rainbows. And what was interesting, people like Jennifer, saw the display of clouds and tried to capture them on video tape so that more than just the four were aware of the honoring that was done by replacing the stone.

Chapter 8 – The conclusion. This story of putting the grid together and explaining the Root races and the importance of the twenty-two star systems coming together, is information we should all understand. I have been guided though these last three trips to France so that I could help other people understand the techniques and exercises of how to reengineer the grid. My experiences are as much a part of your learning as mine.