The Healing of the Curse – Balancing the Spirituality of the North American Continent

tecumsehIn 1813, Tecumseh, a Shawnee Indian political leader and war chief, grudgingly agreed to work with William Henry Harrison and his army against the British and their Indian allies in 1813 at the Battle of the Thames, near the southern section of present day Ontario, Canada. Unfortunately, he was deceived by Harrison who never intended to work with him. Harrison ordered that he be taken prisoner and skinned alive. Harrison was then the Governor of the Indiana Territory. He was elected as President in 1840, and died of pneumonia a month after his inauguration in 1841. He became the first president to die in office.

Techumse had a younger brother, Lalawethika, who had experienced a series of visions in 1805 that transformed him into a prominent Shawnee religious leader. He took the name Tenskwatawa, or “The Open Door,” and became known as “the Prophet.” When the Prophet learned of the deception and horrific treatment – the skinning alive of his brother by Harrison’s army, he cursed William Henry Harrison. He reportedly said, “Harrison will die I tell you. And after him, every Great Chief chosen every 20 years thereafter will die. And when each one dies, let everyone remember the death of my people.”

Tecumseh’s body was delivered to an undisclosed location near Hamilton, Indiana, so that this curse could be healed in the future. Nancy Reagan reversed this curse as far as the presidents go, when Ronald Reagan was shot. However, the curse still lingers. The genetic family of the prophet must do their part to completely heal the curse.

When Steve Hardy inherited the property near the place where Tecumseh is buried, the Sisterhood was told of the curse and wanted to help Steve heal it. In 2009, Sherrie Vanderpoel, Dixie Blackwell and myself, Mary Hardy, went to Steve’s property and were met in spirit by two Native Americans – Tecumseh, and his brother, the Prophet. Steve’s grandfather, Bud Barnhart, was a direct descendant of the Prophet. Remember, the Prophet was the one that created the curse. When Steve’s mother, Judy, died, her spirit sought out Bud Barnhart to help her work with Steve Hardy to end this curse on the family. When we Sisters arrived to spend the night in Hamilton, we could see a whole village of Native Americans camped out in another dimension, bringing peace and harmony to the area. At that time we were told that we had to balance the New Madrid fault, line otherwise there would be extreme havoc in the Midwest. We were told that if this fault line erupts, the Great Lakes could become salt water. We were also told that Tecumseh’s body was brought to this place, where he had spent summers as a child, to be buried. Here, on this land, the fault line can be healed. If the fault erupts, this area can stop the fault from continuing to the Great Lakes. That is why the Sisterhood decided to work with Steve to heal this problem.

sakbstopo_webIn the early 1800s Tecumseh vowed to unite the Native American tribes and force the white man off the North American continent. He sent out prayer bundles, twelve sticks wrapped in red cloth, to set up a prayer to kick the white man off the North American continent. When the last stick was burned, the New Madrid fault erupted and the tribes were told by Spirit that they had to work with the white man
otherwise the land would be ruined and the Great Lakes would become salt water. So Tecumseh joined forces with then Governor Harrison and his troops, and tried to bring peace.

Harrison’s answer was to destroy Tecumseh, and as a warning, he had him skinned alive. At that time, Tecumseh’s brother, the Prophet, put a curse on the Presidents of the United States and Tecumseh’s body was brought to an acupressure point on the grid that could balance the fault line in the future, to be buried.

It is very important that we understand how to heal this curse and protect the land. We do not need the New Madrid fault to erupt! In 2009, the Hardy family completed John Hardy’s pyramid. That is why we were given the mission to heal this fault. We created an antenna system that forms a line that balances out the energy between the Native American’s spiritual land in the Dakota’s and the Philadelphia courthouse where the Constitution was signed. Our pyramids are orgone generators and using Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy we can balance out the disruptive field in the fault line and balance the curse. All we have to do is place an orgone generator on the acupressure point on Steve’s property to activate our antenna system. The activation of our antenna system will start to heal the Native American Spiritual vision with the Constitution signer’s true vision of how to heal and work with this planet. That is why it is important that the Hardy family balances out the energy field on Steve’s property and transform it into a healing garden to coincide with our pyramid antenna system to combine the spirituality of the Native American nations with the Constitution of the United States.

sakbssat_webIt is important that the Sisterhood join with the Hardy family to pray on a continuous basis that this energy field be kept pure to solve the problems and balance the energy that is needed to prevent the fault line from erupting. This can only be achieved through pure hearts and continuous prayer. The orgone energy that will be developed by setting up this system could eventually bring total peace to the spirituality of the Native Americans and the true understanding of the love that was put into the Constitution of the United States.