Engineering the Grid by Creating Vortexes of the Holy Grail

Engineering the Grid by Creating Vortexes of the Holy Grail
by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

At the end of February 2001, I was asked to return to France. Friends were going to travel the spiritual trail from France to Santiago, where James the apostle is buried. In April, I was asked to go to England by my guides to attend a lecture by Laurence Gardner. My spiritual guides had a hidden meaning in my travels to these two locations. They taught me how to make the vortex of the Holy Grail so that I could balance the grid in such a way to reengineer and stabilize the vortex at Stonehedge. It is necessary for people of like-mind, with love in their hearts, to try to continually balance the grid. The governments of the world have tried to reengineer the Earth’s grid so that they could launch intergalactic, interdimensional weapons. To do this they would have to turn the Earth’s grid into a super conductive interdimensional field. This was what Y2K’s computer shut down was all about. The secret world governments wanted to cap the Great Pyramid with the superconductor and run this new grid from a hideous dome in London. In their attempt to reengineer the grid, they have unbalanced and moved many sacred points away from their natural balancing points. My trips to France and England were designed so that I learned how to create the vortex of the Holy Grail, and so that like-minded people could simply create these vortexes anywhere on the planet. I just attended a Dowsing meeting. One of the top Dowsers said that many of the sacred stone circles in England have been shut down. This person was guided to go to the center of the stone circle and spin her pendulum. As she did this, she dowsed out that the energy from the stone circle was reactivated and amplified. It is now time that we all begin to look at our own areas and learn what Mother Earth wants or desires us to do to help balance her. This special exercise on amplifying and balancing the Earth’s grid, can be done anywhere on the planet. It is important that you pray in some way so that you are connected with the godhead, Mother Earth and the Earth spirits, such as the divas and the fairies. No one should attempt to amplify or move energy lines unless they have permission from Mother Earth herself. Since 1996, I have been working with a group of etheric guides called the Knights Templar. These mystical teachers built the great churches of Europe and redesigned the grid so that the feminine principal could be reintroduced. This is why these churches are called Notre Dames. For mankind to become a creator being on this planet, he must have both genders engineered into his physical being. The Holy grid can become the Holy Grail when these two energy fields are balanced. That is why it is important to lean how to utilize the Holy Grid vortex. I first had to go to France so that I could encircle the Pyrenees. The Knights Templar reengineered their spiritual grid from the Pyrenees. By traveling from France to Santiago to Madrid, back to Barcelona and back to our starting point, I physically made a complete circle around the Pyrenees. This was necessary because I had to have permission from all the different facets of Knights – from the Templars to the Hospitlars – that are operating in that area. It was put to me in this way: Because the plans of the government are so hideous, it is time for these different factions of Knights to unite under one common cause so that the Holy Grail could be recreated on the planet. It is time that these branches of Knights lay down their differences and come together in peace, love and harmony. My next step was to go to England. I stayed with a friend in Brighton. This was an important starting point. Brighton originally got its name from the huge vortex which made the area very bright. This energy field now is stored in its fountain. I was first asked to go to the fountain and there I was taught how to create the vortex while repeating the Great Invocation:

France thousand points of light2From the point of Light within the Mind of God.
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth,

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power
restore the Plan of Earth.

To create a counter clockwise vortex brings energy to the Earth. A clockwise vortex reverses the flow of energy and returns it in an upward direction. What I was asked to do over the fountain was to create two counterclockwise vortexes. One at the very center and a second about three feet out. While these two vortexes are spinning, you visualize the cup or chalice of the Holy Grail, and then spin two clockwise energy fields, one six feet out and one twelve feet out. This creates the vortex of the Holy Grail. You do this while you are repeating the Great Invocation.

From the point of Light starts the first counterclockwise vortex. From the point of Love creates the second counterclockwise vortex Now visualize the energy coming up in the cup of the Holy Grail. From the Centre where the will of God is known sends the energy to the cities of Light in the fourth dimension. From the centre which is called the race of men sends the energy now past the sun to the center of the Pleiades, which is the galaxy where Earth resides. Never do this exercise unless you have permission from Mother Earth and your Creator. Also, it should not be done unless you have three people. Three people creates a note of harmony. It is important that these rules be followed. One should understand that Mother Earth is a living being. She has provided us with a home so that we can live and have our experiences in the third dimension. The secret governments of the world are changing and controlling her nervous system in three ways:

1. ELF – Extremely Low Frequency Energy. In the mid 70s our government built a system in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called Seafarer. This system pulses the entire grid of Mother Earth, enabling them to change any area in the world to a different frequency. In 1975, we (the Hardy’s) built a pyramid to change the frequencies so that the heart/love energy of the human could be reinstated.

2. HAARP – Hight Altitude Aroura Resonance Project. In the late 90s, our government put up a system of high resonance devices that could beam off satellites, thus enabling them to change the Earths energy pattern anywhere in the North and South American hemispheres. They sold this project to congress as a program to stop missiles, but the real reason was to manipulate the frequencies for their hidden purposes.

3. Since the first and second world wars, the Rockefeller and other Illuminati foundations have been rebuilding the bombed out churches of the world. They have been altering the coding within the specially designed Notre Dames, so that humanity can now be controlled instead of given the opportunity to advance. The Knights Templar originally coded into these Notre Dames the male/female principle.

At the present time, the Templars will work with any individual that wishes to reestablish the codes on the etheric levels and to reestablish the vortexes on these sacred sites. It is important that we listen to what Mother Earth desires so that we can protect the grid and work with the Knights Templar so that the sacred sites and the churches can be restored to their original intention.