April 2000 Letter by Mary Hardy

April 16, 2000 – Dear Friends,

    I am writing this letter to help you understand the importance of balancing yourself for the upcoming Earth changes. On May 5, 2000, there will occur an alignment of the planets. Because the great alignment of May 5th is of such importance, I was asked to travel to France to prepare the grid for this great event. As many of you understand, various groups of Knights travel with me, and because of their previous incarnation, they are the true guardians of the grid. We have worked together for 4 years, since I met them at Rennes in 1996. Their second appearance occurred when I visited Saint Michael’s Mount in England. I was with Doctor Norma Milanovich and a group of seventy other people. We were creating merkabahs on the major power points in England. We did this by forming two triangles of people. One group spun clockwise, and the other group spun counter-clockwise. This created a major vortex and balanced the grid. While the group prepared to set this exercise up, fifteen Knights rode in and circled the group. I can still see them today, on their black horses, in their chain-mail. They were dressed in red tunics with three golden lions painted on the front of each tunic. While in France I went to some of the major cathedrals and worked on changing the coding that was originally built in to the cathedrals. What is important is that we as a group prepare the gird to receive the energy field that will be arriving here around May 5, 2000. This will occur because the planets will line up on the other side of the sun and create an energy field that can help man transform into a higher light being. We need to prepare ourselves by creating our own vortexes within.

    On my first trip to France, I met a small group of caretakers from the village of Rennes-le-Chateau, who are responsible for holding the energy in that area. It was at Rennes that I first met the Knights. On this current trip, when I reached Rennes-le-Chateau, the Knights suggested that a meditation was needed to balance the grid in that area. This is where the filming for the Steven Spielberg movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” took place. In reality, the movie was made about Mount Buccharach. To the Knights Templar, this mountain is the benchmark for all the griding of the cathedrals. In my opinion, the Knights transferred the energy of the Great Pyramid to this mountain. The first clue I had of the necessity of the meditation was when cloud ships started to appear over Mount Buccharach. These ships set up a frequency so that much work could be done in balancing the grid. Now, all we have to do is go to this energy point and lend our energy work in prayer, and the work can be done through us for the alignment of May 5.

    Since the full moon was on March 19, and the equinox was on March 20, the caretakers decided to get together on the 20th to perform the meditation that was suggested by the Knights. I left this group a printout on the May 5th alignment. This information came to me via e-mail from elana@sacreddomain.com. The article is in two parts. It is a channeling from Kirael. If you would like a copy of this article, please send a SASE, and I will mail you a copy. The next three paragraphs are excerpted from this material.

    The great shift of May 5 marks the Day of Epiphany for the Earth plane when a great Light shift will occur that will bring you out of darkness. This is due to the planetary alignment that will occur over a 14 day period of time centering on the 5th of May. It is a major shift for the Light Workers of the world when every Light Worker on Earth has the opportunity to shift their embodiment process to their Light Body. Your bodies will begin to lose their density, and you will begin to feel the body moving towards Light emergence. This shift is the forerunner of the Golden shift itself into the fourth-dimension.

    This is not the first time that a planetary alignment like this has happened. However, it is the first time that you will have an alignment with the intensity that this one will have. The last time an alignment occurred this close was 2,004 years ago-the day Christ consciousness arrived in the signature cell of Jesus of Nazareth.

    The Great Shift of May 5, 2000 will not happen exactly on that date. It will happen over a 14-day window of opportunity (April 28 – May 11). The center point of this Light Shift is midnight of May 4 at 24:00 hours. During the 14-day window, the inhabitants of the Earth plane will have the right to begin to take their physical bodies to the Light. You may leave your human force-field intact, but you must realize this is the beginning stage where you can begin to become lightbodied.

    Again this year, I was asked to return to France to begin to understand the process that May 5 will have on the Sister/brotherhood of the Emerald Fire. There is a new book by a French author, Jean D’Argoun, (available only in French), titled “Issaha.” My friend Christmas was so excited about the information she read in this book that she has arranged to meet the author and translate the book to English. I have invited Christmas to the Conference to speak about this. One of the many intriguing theories in the book, is that the Ark of the Covenant is really a large emerald. And through various means, those that have the training can tap into the power of this emerald and use it to balance Mother Earth.

   The Sister/brotherhood of the Emerald Fire have been trained at Sakkara to tap into this energy to change the grid and to heal the sick. As we learn to create the vortexes, we can visualize the balance point between infared and ultraviolent, and use the instrument of the Ark of the Covenant to balance all energy fields. The labyrinths, as well as the antennas of the pyramids, and the obelisks, tie into the Earth’s grid, so that we can use the power stored in these emeralds. There is more than just one Ark. There are many all over the planet. And the Sister/brotherhood must learn to tie into these systems. Another system that will help you to tie into the grid are the cairns, built by the people who built Stonehedge, Avebury, and Carnac. Many of the cathedrals built by the Templars are built over these old cairns.

    On the internet, the website wingmakers.com, talks about chambers that were built by a society 700 years into our future. This site may give you a clearer understanding of how to resonate with the grid and develop your Light bodies. Just by staring at the drawings, reading the poetry and listening to the music on this site, one can start to develop themselves.

    One of the many things that we have been asked to do is to create a labyrinth near our pyramid. A labyrinth is an antenna system into the old stone systems like Stonehedge and the monuments at Carnac, France. This year, I travelled to Carnac and saw the lines-for miles-of stones. These stones could be tuned by fire and sound. All over the planet, many cave-like holes, called cairns were built to balance the human light bodies and to heal the sick. By tuning these lines of stones, the ancients that built this, could make the whole grid system sing. In this way, anyone resting in the cairns could return to a balanced frequency and develop their Light bodies.

    Many of the cathedrals that the Templars built, called Notre Dames, were built over old cairns. The purpose of the cathedrals were to bring the power of the grid above surface so that the Gothic structure could stabilize the grid and heal the planet and prepare mankind to move into his Light bodies. The cathedrals are resonating chambers designed with stained glass windows and pipe organs. This allowed for color and music therapy to resonate and vibrate the bodies in a tuned-tank-antenna system, similar to the cairns, to heal and balance the person, so that they would understand the process of moving into their Light bodies. Many of the major cathedrals like Chartres, Reims, Amiens, and St Quentin all contained labyrinths. These labyrinths were called “La Lieue de Jerusalem,” (the way to Jerusalem). By walking the labyrinth, a person could make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. This system was all interconnected. During the walking, one would pray and prepare themselves for the development of their higher bodies.

    On the trip, we also visited le Mont St. Michel, which is similar to Saint Michael’s Mount in England. During the night, in dreamtime, I was awakened and taken aboard a ship. Here, I saw the ancients tuning the grid, and I realized the purpose of Saint Michael’s Mount in both England and France. They are right across the canal from each other. They mark the entrance to Camelot. Just before the Crusades were launched, there was an island that sank between these two Mounts. This was the true Avalon. If mankind can produce the Light bodies to contain the Christ consciousness, this island will rise again and mankind will have the chivalry of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This was shown to me in the dream at le Mont St. Michel. The next day, when I visited Carnac, I actually saw how they tuned the lines of stones to make the grid sing. The Arks of the Covenant were all part of this system. Learning that the Arks contained large emeralds helps me understand the true power of the Sister/brotherhood of the Emerald Fire.

    Near the end of the trip, we went to a place called Ganagobie. Christmas translated part of the book “Issaha,” where the author, D’Argoun, describes an astral trip where he flies over the village of Ganagobie, the priory, then writes: “my consciousness was pulled like a magnet to the west of the forest and there on a platform of balsamic rock, I suddenly sink into the rock … and there, laying on a gold base is the Crystal Grail, the sacred emerald.” The book also states: This Grail after having spent several centuries in a crypt underneath the sphinx was given into the care of Moses who took it to Israel where it eventually was hidden by King Solomon. Then, the Grail which is also the ark of the Covenant – the key of Nephilim, was brought to France under the protection of the Templars with the Cathars. In France, this enormous pale green crystal could be easily transported, and spent time in Paris, and Mont Ségur before arriving at Ganagobie. There are 333 small theraphims, miniature replicas of the Grail, in the form of a pyramid hidden in sarcophaguses throughout Europe.

    I feel that Mary Magdalene carried a small Ark with her to Southern France after the death of Christ. For many years Mary, with several of her disciples, including Mary Jacobie, and Mary Salomie, taught in a cave near la Ste. Baume. They taught the secret of using the Emerald Fire. When you balance your higher bodies with your physical body, your bodies glow emerald green. At this point, you can tap into the Arks and utilize the energy that is stored in these emeralds. It is by tapping into the smaller Arks that you can tap into the larger Ark at Ganagobie. Remember, the Notre Dame cathedrals are all tied into this system, so that as you resonate one field, the rest of the system sings.

    The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire wore an emerald colored diamond over their hearts. (The Brotherhood used the Seal of Solomon, which is a combination of 2 triangles intertwined.) By spinning the top half of the diamond in one direction and the lower half in the opposite direction, the Sister/brotherhood could create a merkabah. This would help them transcend time and matter and tune into the Arks of the Covenant.

On the last day of our trip, five of us were guided by Christmas to visit Ganagobie to try to sense the presence of the Ark. While in the church, I played a game with my friend Christilla, who can see. What I did was went to the Ark in my mind, and created a huge vortex, using the heart diamond. Suddenly, Christilla saw a monk appear with a book in his hand. When he turned and looked at Christilla and made eye contact, he disappeared. Whatever happened, we made contact with the guardians of the Ark. Before the end of the day, we walked out into the garden and the five of us stood in a circle and created a fire storm of emerald fire emerging from the Earth and connecting all of the Arks together. I was advised that this was done to help anyone wishing to meditate during the May 5 time of Epiphany to tap into this energy field. The Christ consciousness must return to this Earth. The more we meditate, the quicker we can bring about the return of Avalon, the Christ consciousness, and the fourth and fifth-dimension.

    We learned another interesting fact while we visited our friends at Rennes-le-Chateau. It seems that the secret of Rennes-le-Chateau is that the Knights not only brought back the Ark of the Covenant and many records of the Nazarenes (the Essenes), they also brought back the physical body of Jesus the Christ. According to the priest at Rennes-le-Chateau, Berenger Sauniere, who found the secret paper and created the treasure hunt at Rennes, the real secret is that the body of Christ is buried in a cave and that when the Christ consciousness returns to the Earth, He will return in His physical body. Surprisingly, after we learned this, we visited several churches and one monastery in the area. Depicted on the walls was this story. I have included a couple of pictures so that you can see. At the churches in Narbonne and Colioure, they have this depicted very clearly on the walls. The best depiction is at the monastery in Elne. This clearly shows the first seven Knights Templar bringing the body of Christ back to the area near Rennes-le-Chateau and Mount Buccharach.

What does all this mean? The only person that you can take back to the Christ is yourself. It is very important that you meditate and prepare yourself for the phenomena that will be occurring during the 14-day window around May 5. This is an alignment of the planets to bring in the new consciousness. Very similar to the consciousness that was brought in 2004 years ago with Jesus the Christ. It is important to remember that we all are Christ beings. Now is the time that we learn to live and move and have our being in this consciousness through love. The Knights of the Round Table, Avalon and the Christ consciousness, all need to return to this planet.