Chapter 1 Draft

(of a book-in-progress)
by Rev. Mary Hardy, Ph.D.

This book is about learning through my experiences, the important points about ascension. To do this I am going to take you through an understanding of nine points that must be comprehended to understand the process of ascension.

Point 1: Ten years ago I felt that when we reached the years 1998 and 1999 that there would be massive earth changes – California would separate from the sea, the poles would shift, etc. I now feel that this will not happen. The Earth has to complete a karmic situation that will help the whole galaxy. The electromagnetic fields of the Earth are being balanced by Octerian ships of Light. In the early nineteen-nineties, a man named Alex was taken to an intergalactic council meeting. Here, over seventy star systems came together to discuss what to do about Mother Earth, because the population was on a pattern of self destruction. It was decided by these at this meeting that to prevent planet Earth from having major cataclysmic events, the Octerian ships would keep the planetary grid in balance to prevent pole shifts or huge magnetic abnormalities until the Earth’s population learned of its true history. They will give us until the year 2003 to learn of this history, and then we will be given four years to direct the planet back to its intended path.

Point 2: As our solar system travels through the greater cycle of our solar years, it revolves around the central sun of the galaxy. This takes 26,000 years. Every half cycle, we travel into the Photon Belt. Always when we go into the Photon Belt, there are magnetic shifts. This time period has always meant the end of civilization. The Atlantean period ended 13,000 years ago with Noah’s flood. This is why the Mayan calendar ends around the year 2010. The Mayans were simply marking the end of another cycle. Every 13,000 years, we build up to a consciousness where we are ready to graduate, but then, we fall back into unconsciousness because we cannot hold the magnetic grid together as we pass through the Photon Belt. Now we are being helped by the Octerian ships from the central sun, Alcyone.

Point 3: The human race is a genetic combination of 22 different star systems. It was decided 59,000 years ago by the Christed Beings from Alcyone, that if planet Earth could put the genetic coding of these star systems together in harmony, then it would bring peace to the whole galaxy.

Point 4: Earth is the eighth sister of the Pleiadian constellation. We revolve around the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone.

Point 5: About 59,000 years ago, 144,000 individualized souls from Alcyone boarded twelve mother ships of Light, to come to Earth to complete this experiment of assisting in the balancing of the genetic coding. Each ship consisted of 1,000 smaller beam ships. Each one of which was occupied by twelve individuals that collectively sustained the Christed field so that humanity could unite the genetic coding and take the galaxy into a higher frequency. I believe this is the true meaning of the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation. This is also the secret of the Knights Templar. They have now embodied themselves in etheric form to assist anyone who wants to understand this noble cause and become part of the answer of putting the pieces together and realigning the genetic coding of humanity, so that peace can come to the galaxy.

 Point 6: Our development thought the 59,000 years has been through an interlocking pattern of nine root races. History has recorded the Atlantean period, the Lemurian period, and so on. In the last few years, the timetable will be speeded up and it will be important for a person who wishes to understand ascension to resonate with the nine layers of root races. The sixth root race, the Borealians, meant light in color. Jesus represents the sixth root race. His statement, “I am the way,” did not mean that you had to follow Him, it simply indicated that you developed your higher consciousness and integrated your five lower root races. The seventh root race, the Corpureans, Sangraie, Saug = blood, Raie = royal. Once you have integrated your six root races, you have the ability to spin the blood in such a way as to create a vortex that can control the grid of Mother Earth. The true meaning of developing the (merkabah). The eighth root race, the Octerians, means the language of Light. These are the individuals that are here to guide the 144,000 into the realization of developing their roots so that they can control the electromagnetic field and bring about a genetic bonding of the 22 different star systems that are genetically encoded in the human. The ninth root race are the Uratherians. This is a combination of the male/female embodiment. There is no distinction in gender at the ninth root race level. You are a creator being, and you can use the female and the male polarities interchangeably.

 Point 7: We are entering the fourth dimension. This is time. There is no distinction between past, present and future. It is all in the present. The one thing you learn about entering the fourth dimension is that all time is occurring at once. All past and future lives are being played together. Example: This is why when I go back into my history, I often have to go back and correct a karmic situation from the past, otherwise I bring it forward into this time period and have to relive the experience until I balance the situation in the past. As our individual lives are understood, we will see the different patterns and begin to correct them before problems occur.

Point 8: Alchemy. We become the Alchemists. We learn to change the energy to change the mass. This is why we learned to spin our electromagnetic fields in the exercise of the (merkabah). If we do this in love, we can bring the alchemical balance of the 22 different genetic codes into harmony and allow the experiment of Earth to be completed.

Point 9: This was the path of the Knights Templar. There are many legends about the Knights. Their true history and purpose has never been revealed. This band of fighting men built many of the churches and cathedrals in Europe. These temples were placed on ley lines and used to resonate the grid so that the spirit of their etheric bodies could be balanced and developed into a higher frequency. The Knights true mission was alchemy. Not just the process of changing lead into gold, but the noble attempt to change gross man into a Christed being. One that could travel the stars and be free from the physical body. They understood that whomever controls the grid controls the consciousness of humanity.