‘Pyramidiots’ Threaten Millennium Celebration

Windsor Star, 11/25/99, by Michael Theodoulou, “The London Times,” NICOSIA

Zahi Hawass, one of Egypt’s most eminent archeologists, dismisses them as “pryamidiots. “They are millennium conspiracy theorists who claim Egyptian authorities will allow a secret society bent on world domination to hold rituals inside the Great Pyramid as 2000 dawns. “There are many of these idiots from all over the world, but mainly America,” said Hawass, custodian of the Giza pyramids. “They put on the Internet that there is a tunnel from my bathroom to the Great Pyramid and that I am hiding evidence of lost civilization or aliens who they claim built the pyramids.”

Egyptian authorities are taking no chances that fringe groups will spoil a spectacular millennium party at the foot of the pyramids which will include an opera specially composed by Frenchman Jean Michel Jarre. At the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31, a gold-plated, light-emitting capstone 10 meters high will be lowered by helicopter on to the missing peak of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. The crowds will be kept about a kilometre away from the three Giza pyramids and the Sphinx. There will be an increased police presence for the party, which is intended to boost tourism. The measures are mainly to ensure the pyramids will not be damaged by crowds and to guard against any threat from Islamic militants and the “pryamidiots.”

They argue that the Gregorian calendar was created by the Illuminati, a secret society that has held power since ancient times, and 2000 will coincide with a surge of solar energy to be manipulated by the Illuminati. Manipulating this energy will, they believe, help the Illuminati to control the thoughts and emotions of the ignorant masses. And the Giza site is the ideal venue. They believe Giza was built to centre on a massive energy vortex of converging force lines.

David Icke, a former British television sportscaster, claims the show is a pretext to lure thousands of people to the pyramid area to be sucked of their energy by the Illuminati rituals. He includes the British Royal family among key members of the world “illuminati elite” of human-reptile hybrids.

Even sections of the Egyptian press, together with doomsday Internet sites have been quick to see plots in plans to project giant images of the Pharaonic Eye of Horus on to the sides of the pyramids during Jarre’s show. They have linked the image to what they describe as the “Masonic symbolism” of the glowing eye at the top of a pyramid shown on a U.S. $1 bill.

Egyptian archeologists shrug off claims there is anything sinister in giving the Cheops pyramid a new top. When, after 30 years of labour, Cheops was completed 5,000 years ago, it was crowned with a gold capstone amid celebratory festivities.