New Order of Templar Knights to Create ‘Natures Cathedral’ in the Great Lakes of North America

A new order of Templars is forming in the Great Lakes of North America to co-create ‘Nature’s Cathedral.’ These Templar Knights of the Emerald Fire have made it their mission to create a sacred space out of the Great Lakes in total. The purpose of this, like the Templars of old, is to create a sacred space for Christ consciousness to enter and heal both people and planet.

Appearing out of the lGreat Lakes soo etc mapake’s own biological patterns this naturally occurring pentagonal water geometry is marked in space by the cornerstones of: Superior’s Duluth; Michigan’s Chicago; and lake Erie and Ontario’s Niagara Falls. As temple stewards, the Templar Knights of the Emerald Fire serve and spiritually in-form a restorative imprint on the waters of the Great Lakes.

At this time the planet is experiencing Magnetic Field disturbances and elevations of 7.83hz Schumann Resonance (SR) to 13hz and higher.soo This elevated SR charge, between ionosphere and biosphere is negatively affecting the biology of human and forest.  Dissipating this charge while enlivening Great Lake’s waters, geometrically placed Orgonite, ‘seeds of life’ tune Great Lake water and landmass geometries, ley lines, vortices, and sacred geography to the bio-friendly frequencies of SR. As a cohesive prayerful call to action, it is recommended the Great Invocation be said to welcome the emerald green light love and power of Christ consciousness into Great Lake lands and waters.

croppedTemple of Sakkara’s orgone pyramid in Allegan, Michigan is the start point of this work for the ages. We ask everyone who participates in the building of this bio-spiritual temple to please utilize the Holy Grail Vortex prayer and visualization when laying your foundation stones. Centered on Soo Canal obelisk in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan this Holy Grail Vortex spirals light, love and power, through bio-energetic you, into the Nature’s Cathedral.


Opening the doors to this temple of Christ consciousness the Templars of the Emerald Fire invites you to its first official conclave on: September 16 -17, 2016, at the Temple of Sakkara schoolhouse at 3252 Lakeview Drive, Allegan, MI 49010. Please contact Peter Champoux for more information: …a public event for all those interested in participating in this project for the ages, RSVP.

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